Elemental Titans Launches New Hero Class System in Latest Update

Time to celebrate.
Time to celebrate. ALL9FUN

A new update for Elemental Titans has been released and it brings a lot of new content. One of these is the introduction of a new Hero Class System. What’s going to happen is that once the class title of a hero is activated, the hero receives not only a strong passive ability but also additional attributes.

The game offers five main classes: Guard, Brawler, Mage, Archer, and Healer. With this new class system, these classes can be advanced to a higher rank, namely, Crusader, Ronin, Warlock, Marksman, and Cleric. By advancing to these higher tier titles, the heroes can experience further enhancement of their powers.

New Hero

Of course, a new hero is added to the roster with this latest patch. For those who can remember, the hero Vanguard Myrina was introduced in the last patch and had strong AOE abilities along with good debuffs and survivability. This led to the hero becoming a strong tank in PvE and PvP.

This time, joining the cast is the S-Tier Hero - Dolphina Naia, the Queen of the Mermaid Tribe. She can add a protective buff to her teammates while also being able to summon spirit dolphins that can help her in battle.

With the patch also adding the new system Trial Tower, this gives all players the chance to see just how compatible this new hero is with the heroes in their current lineups.

Unique Symbol - Icon Frames

The player population of Elemental Titans have a lot of talented players. Many have actually joined the game’s Creator Program and even managed to publish user-generated content. With the new update, those who joined the program now get a special icon frame which highlights the significant contributions they’ve made to the game.

Not only that, the top-ranked players in Cross-Server World Arena and Championship could also get corresponding glory frames. This new feature hopes to encourage players to show off their achievements and challenge others to collect one by themselves.

Christmas Event

In celebration of its first Christmas with players, gifts and holiday-themed content have been prepared in Elemental Titans. More freebies and rewards are going to be available in limited-time social media events.

Elemental Titans is available on Android and iOS.

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