Seven Knights 2: The Second December Update Welcomes Song of Hope Serena

Look who's joining the roster.
Look who's joining the roster. Netmarble

It hasn't been long since an update was released for Seven Knights 2. However, it looks like Netmarble is in a giving mood with the release of the second December update. That said, get ready to meet the new Support Legendary hero named Song of Hope Serena.

She joins the roster with her different abilities not only as a Utility Healer but also a Specialized Buffer in Guild Raids. She can increase movement speed, ATK, and Ignore DEF Efficiency to allow for convenient scoring. She also specializes in long-time battles through a "Climax" effect which strengthens all skills over time.

Here's what you can expect from Song of Hope Serena when she joins the battle:

  • [Ultimate] Encore
    • Applies ATK SPD Boost to all allies and grants Ultimate Skill Gauge Increase to the ally with the highest ATK.
  • [Active] Angelic Voice
    • Applies Damage Received Decrease to all allies.
  • [Active] Spotlight
    • Deals damage equal to 964% of ATK to target and has a 100% chance of increasing Damage Received.
  • [Active] Showtime
    • Applies Single Skill Damage Increase to all allies.
  • [Passive] Climax
    • Recovers the HP of all allies by 26.8% of the caster’s HP and applies Fever to the caster upon using the skill.

By the way, Song of Hope Serena (Legendary) can only be acquired through an event. Learn more about Song of Hope Serena and her abilities.

New Legendary+ Equipment

It's not just a new hero but also a new Legendary+ Equipment added to the game. Called the Radiant Body Armor of Destruction (Legendary+), it features:

  • Basic Attributes (No Transcendence)
    • DEF +7.5%
    • Ignore DEF Resistance +44
    • Deal Damage Increase +2%
  • Basic Attributes (Transcendence +5)
    • DEF +15%
    • Ignore DEF Resistance +144
    • Deal Damage Increase +12%

This new equipment also these set effects based on the hero type:

  • DPS Hero
    • Increases Crit Damage by 30%
  • Ranged Hero
    • Increases skill damage by 25%
  • Tank Hero
    • Decreases damage received by 10%
  • Universal Hero
    • Increases debuff durations by 20%
  • Support Hero
    • Increases Status Effect Resistance by 20%

Explore More

Other new content added to the game includes the new Free Field Exploration Stages which players can enter without spending Maps. These Free Field Exploration Stages can be entered after clearing the Main Scenario Season 1 - Chapter 1 on Easy Difficulty. There are three Free Field Exploration Stages with each offering a different difficulty level. By the way, the drop rate of rewards in the Free Field Exploration Stages are lower compared to the existing Field Exploration stages.

Learn more about what’s been introduced and changes in the new update. The new update also brings a lot of in-game events that you can read more here.

Seven Knights 2 is available on Google Play, App Store, and PC.

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