Element TD 2: Version 1.5 Implements Balancing Changes to Quad Towers

Element TD 2 Version 1.5
Element TD 2 Version 1.5 Steam

Ranked Season 3 of Element TD 2 is now underway with balancing changes implemented to Quad Towers in the recently released Version 1.5.

Element TD 2 is a tower defense game where you can combine different elemental towers to form unique ones. In the December 13 update, the developers have introduced Quad Towers, which are created by combining four different elemental towers. That said, the devs saw that some “Quads” were quite powerful while some are just outright bad. To address this, they have implemented balancing changes to some Quad Towers to make them more viable.

For example, the darkness-based Plague tower kills enemies by applying damage over time. Developers improved this tower to heighten its potential. First, its damage no longer drops by 2% per second. Second, the debuff duration is now 25 seconds, which means that if a target dies within that time, the debuff will bounce over to another target while also refreshing its duration. Furthermore, the bounce range of the debuff is increased to 1,500.

The Crystal Spire has been buffed as well. Although its attack speed is reduced to 0.5, its damage is increased to 32,000 and its projectile speed by 50% to compensate. In addition, there is now a slight delay before the next spirit is launched to reduce the amount of overlapping or missed attacks.


  • Ranked Season 3 has begun
  • Two new builders added:
    • Level 60: Bone Drake
    • Level 70: Demon Summoner
  • In Co-op, Path Indicators are now color-coded, move faster, and linger longer
  • Element Prompt now continues to remain up and doesn't act as an input blocker. Has an X button to manually close it out
  • When building a Buff Tower (Blacksmith, Well, Trickery and Life Altar), it'll now highlight towers in range of its buff
    • You can also see this by hovering over its ability icon
  • When hosting a lobby, it'll keep your settings from the last time
General Balance
  • Fixed ridiculously stupid logic error that applied Teams Base HP and HP Scaling to FFA (Free for All). This was legitimately in place since 1.4.2
    • Expect the game to be up to 10% easier through Wave 55, and start 30% easier from the first Boss Wave
  • Wave timer reduced to 5 seconds
Singles and Duals
  • Light projectile speed increased by 10%
  • Darkness projectile speed increased by 15%
  • Nature damage increased to 95

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

Element TD 2 is available on PC.

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