Element TD 2 Version 1.4 New Towers and Fixes

Element TD 2 Version 0.63
Element TD 2 Version 0.63 steam

Element TD 2 has received the Quad Element Towers Update that added 15 new towers and bug fixes.

In this update, players can combine four different elements to form powerful towers. The Quad Element Towers cost 4,000 Gold to buy from scratch or 2,500 Gold if players are upgrading it from Triple Element Towers. Players can experiment with the elemental combinations and make a tower that scales well into the endgame.

The developers fixed an issue with the Ghost Mode. Before, if the player outlasts a ghost during the Boss Waves, the game freezes instead of continuing. Now, players should go on without getting any game freeze.

Element TD 2 Version 1.4

  • Unity Version bumped from 2020.3.11 to 2020.3.21
  • Localizations updated for German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, French, Portuguese
  • Main Menu reorganized:
    • Extras menu has been nuked
  • Single-player now has a Replays tab, which contains:
    < aria-level="3" >
    Ghost Mode against Leaderboard Replays
    Ghost Mode against Local Replays
  • View Local Replays
  • Profile has been renamed to Customize, and now contains the following menus:
    < aria-level="3" >
    Customize Builder
    Customize Towers
    Tower Table, which now lets you directly select a tower from here to customize it
  • Achievements
  • Credits have been moved to Settings
  • Attack & Ability VFX for numerous towers has been updated. This should result in fewer "glow stacks" while also looking more visually consistent and more performant.
    • This includes Blacksmith, Well, Trickery, Poison, Ice, Vapor, Geyser, Nova, Runic, Flooding, Wisp, Polar, Flamethrower, Haste, Root, Muck, & Periodic.
  • Adjusted options for Damage Number Pop-ups :
    • On Towers: Replaces "Primary Target," this now places damage number pop-ups over towers instead of creeps
    • On Creeps: Relabel of "All Targets"
    • Off: Same as before
  • War Mode has received some adjustments:
    • Summon Swarm now requires at least 3 Different Elements before it becomes available
    • Summon Mega now requires a Level 2 Element before it becomes available
    • Composite + Healing moved from Wave 45 to Wave 44, replacing Composite + Regeneration
    • Boss Creeps now start at Wave 45
    • Bounty now caps at Wave 44's bounty amount of 482 per creep
  • Fixed a bug in Ranked where both players could end up in the same slot
  • Variant column on the Leaderboards removed. Replaced with a Difficulty column.
  • Fixed Jinx doing the Michael Jackson when rotating
  • Fixed Transference tooltip missing in Status Bar

You can read more about the update here.

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