Element TD 2 Update 1.1: New Co-op Map, Better Hotkeys, and More

Element TD 2 Version 0.63
Element TD 2 Version 0.63 steam

Element TD 2 recently received an update that fixed tons of bugs and introduced a new map.

The co-op mode is getting a new map, Pinnacle, that was added from the campaign mode. Additionally, players now have their own freedom to personalize hotkeys. This feature will replace the old “By Element” or “MOBA” hotkey.

Element TD 2 Update 1.1

  • Blacksmith, Well, Trickery, and Runic Towers can now have auto-cast turned off by right-clicking their ability icon:
    • Left-click the ability icon to Manual Cast their ability.
  • You can now press 7 (default hotkey) to revert a tower's priority back to your defined default priority.
  • Pressing F5 (default hotkey) selects all of your towers.
  • Targeting priority hotkeys will now work without first opening the targeting menu.
  • In co-op, players now start near one of the existing portals.
  • For the Balanced Paths option in co-op, changing the player slot will actually change what path is active
  • Co-op Builder Movespeed increased by 15%
  • On Volcano co-op, the long paths now move at x1.5 speed (down from x2 speed) but have x1.5 HP
  • On Tundra co-op, flipped the Start/End positions for the 4th Path
  • When drag-selecting or double-clicking towers, Trickery Clones will no longer be included in selection with the original towers.
  • Default tab on Damage Overview is now Current instead of Total
  • Adjusted MMR Search Range such that if you've played 10 or more matches, it'll expand to 375 up or down. If you've done less than 10 though, it'll stay at 225 up or down.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a time format issue that was breaking the game for certain players
  • Fixed an issue where searching a Ranked Game by Queue would have a shorter MMR Search Range than by Notification
  • Fixed Timescale resetting to x1 when Player 1 dies while viewing replays
  • Fixed Essence Upgrade showing up in the Scoreboard before killing the Essence Boss
  • Fixed Minimap Offset on Tundra
  • Fixed right-click indicator getting swallowed by the high ground way on more vertical maps
  • Fixed Astral's extra projectiles ignoring its targeting setting
  • Fixed a bug where if a tower gets too many Cursed stacks, it'd stop attacking for a while. Cursed is now capped at 15 stacks, which shouldn't affect actual balance, given it's negligible at that point.
  • Fixed Temporal not triggering its ability within the first two seconds of spawning

You can read more about the update here.

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