The Elder Scrolls Online Dev Team Focuses on Improving In-Game Systems in New Beta Update

Update 39 ZeniMax Online Studios

Developers of The Elder Scrolls Online have focused their efforts on optimizing existing in-game systems, as well as addressing some long-standing requests made by the community in the recent patch. Update 39 is now available on the public test server for players to try.

In Update 39, the TESO dev team optimized the initial experience by revising many quests that players can get early on. For instance, story quests offered by the Fighters and Mages Guilds will now be visible to players level five and above.

Moreover, fans of TESO's PvP will be happy to know that a new chat feature was added that gives vital information about combat and deaths. It includes details about the player's killer, where the death occurred, and the alliance ranks of those in the battle. This is available on Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds. Those who don't want to be bothered by the notifications can turn them off in the Social settings.

Here are the other important things included in this patch:

Quest and Content Improvements

  • The Prophet and other Base Game main quest bestowers will now only appear in Chapter and DLC cities after you are at least level 5 and have completed the first quest in the respective Zone Story.
  • Reworked Fighters Guild bestowals in all zones so that Bera Moorsmith does not chase you down anymore, instead waiting patiently by the guild entrance to flag you down.
  • Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood vector quests now require you to be at least level 5. These quests are still available at any level within their respective zones.
  • A Room to Spare (Housing Introductory quest) flyers are now only visible to players level 6 or higher. The quest is now also more consistently available across appropriate locations.

Navigator Quest Pins

  • As part of this update, we've introduced a new system that utilizes the navigator service NPCs in Tamriel's major cities so tracked quests (either actively tracked or not-currently-tracked) indicate if any links will take you to locations where you have quests. This manifests as the "door" pin that is typically used for transit between spaces, which is now present over the navigator NPC if they have a suitable link to your destination.

Unifying Unsellable Items

  • We've made changes to certain items to allow for better understanding surrounding what can and cannot be sold. These changes should make the experience of selling items significantly more consistent and clearer.
    • Any item that is listed as 0 gold in your inventory cannot be sold.
    • Certain items that were previously listed as 0 gold in your inventory but could still be sold to merchants will now be valued at 1 gold. Items impacted by this change include:
      • Weapons and armor picked up directly from clickable items throughout the environment
      • Certain crafting materials
      • Low level provisioning food and drink
      • Lockpicks
      • Items found in the tutorial

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 39 is available on PC.

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