The Elder Scrolls Online: Update v8.3.0 Brings Quality of Life Improvements to Housing System

Update v8.3.0
Update v8.3.0 Twitter/@TESOnline

Players can now test a bunch of quality-of-life improvements to the housing system in The Elder Scrolls Online via Update v8.3.0, now available on the game’s public test server.

New filters have been added to the placement and retrieval tabs of the Housing Editor. Players can now filter whether the furnishing is bound or unbound, as well as which Furnishing Limit Type the furnishing falls under. Besides that, they can even filter whether the item they’ve placed in their homes comes from the Bank, Inventory, House Storage, or Collectibles!

Players who test their skill builds on the training dummies inside their homes can quickly reset them back to their original order by pressing F5. That’s because the “Show Housing Panel” changes to “Reset Training Dummies” if the player is in combat with at least one training dummy.

Update v8.3.0 also adds the Screen Narration feature to the Accessibility Settings. This causes most UI screens in ESO to be fully narrated. However, some elements cannot be narrated at this time, such as Excavating, Scrying, Tales of Tribute, and Lockpicking. They might be supported in a future patch.

Take note that the Screen Narration feature can only be enabled if the Accessibility Mode is turned on. It supports all official languages as well.

Patch Notes

  • The home’s current occupants are now listed in the Settings section of the Housing Editor. You can also kick occupants out of your home from this menu if they’ve overstayed their welcome.
  • The home’s occupants are notified when people enter or depart the home, via a message in the top right corner of the screen.
  • There is now an Interface option that allows you to hide the House Tracker when in a home, which is the UI element that tells you the name of the home and homeowner as well as the current population of the home.
  • While previewing a home, placing your target reticule over a furnishing will now outline the furnishing and display its name.
  • The Purchase Options dialog for a home now allows you to preview the full list of furnishings in the currently selected template (Furnished or Unfurnished.)
  • The game’s startup and login flow are not currently narrated; you must log into the game first before narration will start.
  • Gameplay such as combat, in-world navigation, and interactable objects are not narrated. Response options when interacting with NPCs are also not narrated. To ensure screen narration does not conflict with voice acting, character dialogue is not included in screen narration.
  • While playing with a keyboard on PC, the Accessibility menu (defaults to Alt) is narrated but the System menu (defaults to Escape) is not intended to be narrated. These menus provide two alternative ways to engage with the same menu content.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update v8.3.0 is available on PC.

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