The Elder Scrolls: Blades Adds Dark Seducers With 1.9 Update

What lurks in the dark?
What lurks in the dark? Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls: Blades has released Patch 1.9, which introduces the Dark Seducers. Players should be glad to know that there’s also now a Quest Map. Additionally, the 1.9 patch includes the usual improvements and bug fixes that comes with every update.

Beware the Dark

Let’s start with the Dark Seducers. This Daedric race comes from the Shivering Isles and does everything in the service of the Mad God Sheogorath. Already deadly, they arrive with new weapons and armor, which players that are at least Level 39 can buy in the Sigil Shop. The Dark Seducers also bring with them Snakebite, a spell that converts physical attacks to poison damage. Don’t be too afraid though, as they only appear in Events. Always be on the alert though.

The Quest Map is Here

With Patch 1.9, there’s no more Quest Menu, and instead there’s now the interactive Quest Map. By exploring the map, players not only get to see what they’ve done so far, but also what lies ahead. The Quest Map also offers Quick Navigation controls that let players go where they need to be quickly. Players can also use the Map to access Quests and Jobs.

A new way to move around.
A new way to move around. Bethesda

Speaking of the Quest Map, there’s also new event quests. Players looking for new challenges can now go to the cursed lands that lie beyond the portal. There’s also going to be a new event that’s set to make its debut this month.

Welcome the Seasons

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is also introducing Seasons to its PvP. With the release of Patch 1.9, PvP Leaderboards are going to reset on the first day of each month with special PvP rewards handed out at the end of each season. This month, for example, the rewards for the first 100 ranks are going to be Gold, Silver, or Bronze Victor’s Swords. The rewards themselves are going to depend on the rank achieved.

In addition, once the season comes to an end, the members of the top 100 guilds also get Gems and Soul Gems. For those who don’t get to reach the top, not to worry. All players that take part in the PvP season get Gems and chest rewards once the season ends.

Aside from all this new content, Patch 1.9 also brings with it improvements and bug fixes which you can read about here.

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