Eco: Update v9.6.4 Fixes Numerous Issues Reported by Community

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Eco is a beautiful nature simulation game where you can build, craft, and specialize in skills for trade. But what separates this apart from similar titles is that you can create laws that help protect the ecosystem. Additionally, this game has a player-driven economy where you can trade goods and services with other people in exchange for payment.

Recently, Strange Loop Games released Update v9.6.4 for Eco which fixes a variety of bugs reported by the community. Back then, Cotton Seeds and Spoiled Food would degrade into worthless garbage instead of usable compost. Don’t worry, this is now fixed.

Aside from that, the in-game newsfeed will no longer display too many notifications, thus ending the annoying problem of notification spam.

Update v9.6.4 also implements a few balancing changes. For instance, the EXP gain from crafting Quicklime is reduced from 1.0 to just 0.1. Although this is a significant nerf, the adjustment is understandable considering that Quicklime is only used as one of the materials for producing steel.

You can read the other notable bug fixes below:

  • Fixed: Tools could stop creating sounds after using them for a long time.
  • Fixed: Tools could stop creating sounds after eating food.
  • Fixed: Tools could stop creating sounds when switching to it from a torch.
  • Fixed: The avatar of the player could duplicate and exist twice.
  • Fixed: When scrolling through empty hotbar slots the avatar animations would reload.
  • Fixed: The held tool would not display on the avatar after login if another tool of the same type is in the hotbar.
  • Fixed: The camera would rotate around the global z-axis in third-person view.
  • Fixed: When using higher FoV (Field of View), players could not look directly below them.
  • Fixed: Elections could sometimes not be started due to the confirmation window not popping up.
  • Fixed: Removing oneself as manager from bank accounts and appointed titles without selecting another player to remove first was not possible.
  • Fixed: A player would be assigned a fictitious place of residency despite not having taken residence anywhere, yielding wrong results for laws working based on residency.
  • Fixed: Sometimes your vote could count twice in an election.
  • Fixed: Work parties could lead to a server crash when attempting to pay a contributor that has left the work party before payment.
  • Fixed: Choosing an executive action in constitutional articles did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: Overriding authentication via law to allow property transfer by players that do not own a property did not work.

Eco Update v9.6.4 is available on PC.

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