EA Sports NHL 22 Hits the Ice on October 15

Time for some ice.
Time for some ice. EA

Hockey fans can look forward to experiencing the superstar treatment with the release of EA Sports NHL 22 on October 15. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

This latest addition to the NHL franchise is powered by the Frostbite engine resulting in unmatched visual details. There’s also the Superstar X-Factors which brings the biggest stars of the league to new heights with a new layer of class-based play.

Before we go take a closer look, the cover features Toronto Maple Leafs center, Auston Matthews. Talking about this, Matthews shared that he is happy to work again with EA Sports and return to NHL 22. He also teased the Superstar X-Factors saying that with this, players should be able to use his “Shock and Awe” ability.

Frostbite Engine

As mentioned, NHL 22 is the first game to make use of the Frostbite engine. So, a lot of the visuals have been overhauled to offer higher resolution. The cloth animation and uniform micro-details make every stitch visible. There’s also improved spatial awareness where players can track and react to their surroundings. Other upgrades are applied on visual fidelity and player details, along with on-ice gameplay.

EA Vancouver Producer Clement Kwong said that utilizing this engine allowed them to introduce the series to the next generation. In addition to the visual upgrade, the engine also gave them the power to create a lot of realism.

Superstar X-Factors

This is a new system that unleashes unique abilities for the game’s best players. It offers two important elements that elevate the elite to new heights and more than guarantee that they break away from the pack. The first is Zone Abilities which introduces game-breaking enhancements. Second is Superstar Abilities which represents the upper echelon skills and are generally reserved for athletes that are truly next level.


Pre-order is now being accepted for NHL 22 . There are two editions available, which are:

  • Standard Edition
    • Up to 2 HUT Diamond Player Choice Packs
      • 1 per month for 2 months
    • 5 World of Chel X-Factor Zone Ability Unlocks
    • 2 Be A Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks, XP Boost, and Bonus Trait Points
    • 1 Unlocked Hockey Bag
  • X-Factor Edition
    • Dual Entitlement
    • Up to 10 HUT Diamond Player Choice Packs
      • 2 per month for 5 months
    • 5 World of Chel X-Factor Zone Ability Unlocks
    • 2 Be A Pro X-Factor Slot Unlocks, XP Boost, and Bonus Trait Points
    • 5 Unlocked Hockey Bags
    • 3-Days Early Access
    • HUT X-Factor Player Choice Pack (2 of 25)
    • HUT X-Factor Power-UP Starter Pack
    • UP to 4 HUT X-Factor Power-Up Packs
    • 1 per month for 4 months starting November 2021

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