Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes Together on Cover of EA Sports Madden NFL 22

Two icons in one cover.
Two icons in one cover. EA

A sweet treat is coming to fans of EA Sports Madden NFL 22, the cover featuring not one but two football icons: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. These two quarterbacks faced each other during the Super Bowl LV back in February, and now, will cover all editions of Madden NFL 22 plus Madden NFL Mobile.

Talking about being featured on the cover, seven-time Super Bowl Champion Brady said in a statement that it’s indeed a great experience, especially with Mahomes. He went on to say that the game manages to capture the energy, as well as the unpredictability, of football and he is excited to see players experience it.

Mahomes, on the other hand, revealed that he has been a fan of the game, and to be on the cover again, and this time with Brady is a great experience. This is the second time that two athletes have been featured on the cover together.

Dynamic Gameday

One of the new mechanics in Madden NFL 22 is Dynamic Gameday which features:

  • Gameday Atmosphere
    • This feature allows players to connect to their NFL fandom through crowds, environments, and presentation elements.
  • ​Gameday Momentum
    • This offers performance-based mechanics including Home Field Advantage.
    • It gives a unique game condition customized to the atmosphere of each team’s stadium.
  • Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI
    • By using real-world player data, this feature evolves throughout the season and changes AI behavior and team tendencies.
    • This makes NFL superstars and the personality of each team much closer to their real-life counterparts.

Dynamic Gameday, however, is only available on next-gen consoles.

Game Features

A feature that players can expect in Madden NFL 22 is the Franchise Mode where they can feel more connected and more in control of the team they’re managing. Improvements include more detailed staff management, skill tree progression systems, and a comprehensive weekly game strategy.

Also, players can enjoy the revamped Season Engine, which makes sure that things are kept fresh each week. Once the game is released, the Franchise Mode is going to get more improvements through multiple live service updates.

There is a new mode as well called The Yard. This is a new single-player campaign and avatar progression system where progress, rewards, and vanity are shared with Face of the Franchise. The Face of the Franchise returns and offers an all-new story and player class system. It even gives players the chance to play on the defensive side of the ball as a linebacker, a first for the game.

Madden NFL 22 is scheduled for a worldwide release on August 20 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.

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