EA Sports F1 24 is Offering a New and Improved Career Mode

Changes made for a better gameplay experience. EA Sports

EA Sports revealed that for the upcoming title F1 24, they've made some changes to the Career mode. The improvements allow players to take on the role of F1 driver from the 2024 grid and even be competitors in F2. They can even step into the shoes of legendary past racers in the form of Icons.

Meanwhile, those who get the Champions Edition can enjoy two new Icons which are set to make their debut in F1 24. These are former World Champion James Hunt and Colombia's most successful F1 driver, Juan Pablo Montoya.

Here are the other innovations made for Career mode:

  • Gain Recognition
    • Build reputation within the Paddock through on-track objectives.
    • Race-day tasks ensure that players are focused on the chequered flag.
    • Complete Contract Targets and secure a new deal.
      • This also lets you pave the way for secret meetings to negotiate a move to a bitter rival.
  • R&D Upgrades
    • Driver reputation can have an impact on the support players get from their team.
      • The greater the rep, the more motivated the team.
    • Players can go all-in on one innovation.
      • They can also spread the resources for more balanced development.
  • Earn Accolades
    • Aside from short-term achievements, drivers can have longer-term goals based on season expectations.
      • These could range from number of Top 10 finishes, Pole Positions, to claiming the World Championship.
  • Race with a Friend
    • Join forces or race as rivals in two-player Career.
    • With individual driver objectives, players need to stay focused to become the team's number one driver.
  • Challenge Career
    • This is a perfect introduction before committing to a 24-race season.
    • Jump into the shoes of a pre-selected F1 driver and compete in a series of mini seasons, with community-voting influencing the conditions and circuits for future events.

Talking about these changes, Senior Creative Director Lee Mather shared in a post that this is the "biggest Career innovation since 2016." He added that this gives players what they want through greater variety away from the track. Indeed, in addition to the improvements made to Career mode, players can also enjoy the new handling and even updated circuits.

Excited to race? Pre-order the EA Sports F1 24 now.

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