Dying Light 2: Stay Human Good Night Good Luck Update Ensures Darker Nights and Better Parkour

Good Night Good Luck Update Techland

Techland deployed an update for its post-apocalyptic horror shooter Dying Light 2: Stay Human that you definitely need to check out. Update v1.11, aka Good Night Good Luck update, introduced a plethora of new features and improvements, including darker and scarier nights, as well as some much-needed parkour changes.

The company wants to enhance the overall look, feel, and tension of the nighttime aspect of Dying Light 2. Thus, improvements were made to ensure that experience.

After updating to Good Night Good Luck, you will instantly notice that nighttime visibility has been reduced significantly for that heightened tension. As if that's not bad enough, Volatiles roaming at night now move across rooftops, so you will never be safe at night ever again!

You can also expect an increased number of zombies. Be careful when roaming the streets or exploring buildings when it's dark because you'll never know what's going to happen! You might get attacked by zombies when you least expect it!

Parkour is another fundamental aspect of the game that was improved in this patch. Performing a series of parkour moves does not feel clunky anymore because you will now keep your momentum as you move forward. Additionally, you can now personalize your sprinting experience with a new option that lets you switch between manual and auto modes any time.


Night Changes

  • A new color grading called "Darker Nights" reduces player visibility exponentially, making your experience more terrifying.
  • Updated flashlight rendering that creates more dynamic shadows and better corresponds to the darker environment.
  • Improved audio gameplay solidifies the nocturnal atmosphere. Music takes a backseat to sound effects.
  • HUD improvements support an immersive nighttime experience.
  • Chase sequences are less arcade-like and more unpredictable.

Parkour Changes

  • Several animations have been improved to reduce floatiness.
  • Regain air control in mid-flight, allowing for reactive maneuvers.
  • Added a variety of vault animations.
  • Tweaked afterboost mechanics now allow for its use after a number of parkour moves, with improved responsiveness and a balanced duration and cooldown.
  • Accelerate down ziplines and during pipe slides for a thrilling descent.
  • Bid farewell to ghost walking; wall run and roll animations halt when reaching the end of a surface.
  • Enjoy smoother wall running with improved starting animations.
  • Improved jumping, active landing, and balancing animations.
  • Elevator and landing bags animations are sped-up.
  • The active landing skill can be performed while paragliding – safety landings!
  • Head-bob animation is adjustable in the settings, allowing players to increase camera movement while running. A new default value is set to 50.
  • Car safety landing animation duration shortened, and VFX feedback improved.
  • We've refined gameplay mechanics for the following skills, enhancing their overall feeling: Slide Jump, Bash, Crown Runner, Sleek Runner.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Good Night Good Luck update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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