Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance: Developers Promise New Content After Game Receives Mixed Reviews

Dungeons  & Dragons Dark Alliance
Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Tuque Games

Developer Tuque Games assured fans that they are going to give new content for free to make the game better. This is after Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance received mixed reviews from the gaming community.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance was released recently and it serves as the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, but instead of a tactical style of play, the game is more of a hack-and-slash RPG.

That said, the community is somewhat divided about it. According to a post, the game is pretty entertaining thanks to the game’s engaging combat system. However, an article noted the plethora of bugs encountered in the game.

A video on YouTube highlighted that the combat is repetitive and that the enemy AI is not polished enough. In some instances, enemies will just stay in one location and do nothing, which diminishes the overall gaming experience.

The Developers Respond

Tuque Games went to Twitter to thank the fans for playing the game. Being huge D&D fans themselves, they wanted to provide people with a game that they can enjoy with their friends.

That said, the developers added that there will be two free content updates and also a paid expansion coming later this year.

Technical Issues

The main reason why some reviewers aren't impressed with the game is due to the technical issues the game had from the start.

Some of these issues include a problematic cross-play system, glitches in the game’s AI, players getting kicked back to the main menu, inability to rejoin missions after getting disconnected, and long matchmaking times, among many others.

They are also people who have tweeted FPS problems that make the game look janky. Even on PC, the game’s default FPS is set to 30, which doesn’t make sense as some PCs are equipped with powerful hardware that can certainly push more frames than that.

While it is a good idea that the developers already have plans of adding new content to the game, it would be best if they focus on fixing the game’s current issues first.

Have you had the chance to play the game? If so, have you experienced any issues so far?

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