Dungeon Defenders II: Mines of Etheria Update Just Added the Most Challenging Difficulty Level Ever

Mines of Etheria Update
Mines of Etheria Update Steam

Chromatic Games launched the Mines of Etheria update for Dungeon Defenders II recently and it introduced quite a bunch of stuff that will get you excited. One of those things is a new difficulty level for Expeditions, Incursions, and Mastery called Chaos X.

Game’s Most Challenging Difficulty Level

According to the Dungeon Defenders II dev team, Chaos X is the final level of chaos difficulty that the game will ever have. That is why this difficulty level provides you with the most challenging experience ever.

If you’re going to play on the game’s highest difficulty, you have to prepare against new chaos enemies unique to this tier. The new Orc Chieftain can be troublesome because this bulky leader of the Goblins and Orcs can unleash a rallying warcry when in low health, giving it increased speed, healing over time, and near-immunity to damage and status ailments for several seconds. As if that’s not worrisome enough, nearby Orcs and Goblins affected by the chieftain’s warcry will have their speed and damage reduction increased, while also gaining healing over time.

The Orc Queen is the embodiment of menace. This new enemy is a relentless fighter that cannot be stopped or slowed down if she has her sights set on a target.

Although you can use towers to keep attackers at bay, you still have to be careful when dealing with the new Berserker Goblins. These fanatical goblins have bombs strapped to their back, which will detonate shortly after they’re killed, stunning all nearby towers in the process.

If you think that the Orc Chieftain is troublesome, wait until you come face to face with the new mini-boss called the Orc Warlord. Think of the Orc Warlord as just a more powerful version of the Orc Chieftain, with the ability to buff nearby Orcs and Goblins as well.

New Chaos Shards

The new enemies are certainly quite challenging to defeat, especially in large numbers. However, in the Mines of Etheria update, new shards have been added to help you deal with them. Here are some of the most notable:

  • All For One: Increases Defense Health, Power, Range, and Attack Rate of the affected tower by x% if only one is built.
  • Arcane Refulgence: The projectile resistance of the Arcane Barrier is further increased by x%.
  • Bot Augmentation: Increases the damage of Anti Gravity Bots by x%.
  • Broad Head Arrows: Poison Dart Tower now pierces through shields and an additional target, and its Defense Damage is increased by x%.
  • Buster Booster: Increases Blunder Broom Buster damage by x%.
  • Double Eruption: Your Volcano has a x% chance to fire twice in succession.
  • Double Wish: Using the Starfall ability has a x% chance to drop two stars. No effect while corrupt.
  • Empowered Furious Slash: After Furious Slash collides with 2 targets, it spawns an additional Furious Slash that travels in the same direction as the first, dealing x% of your Ability Power as damage to each target hit.

So, are you going to play Dungeon Defenders II on Chaos X difficulty soon?

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