Dune: Spice Wars “Line In The Sand” Major Community Update Live

Control the spice.
Control the spice. Shiro Games

Dune: Spice Wars fans will be happy to know that another major update is now available. If the previous Air & Sand Update wasn’t enough for you, then this recent patch will surely be.

The developer released a major community update called Line In The Sand. Tons of new content is added and several crucial changes are made, combined with a good chunk of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Highlights of the update are mentioned below.

  • Added End Game Statistics
  • Military alerts now appear on the border of the screen pointing in the direction of the crisis
  • Military units can now Hold their Position (With C)
  • Fremen Harvesting Teams can now harvest Spice in neutral territories
  • Map Generation improvements:
    • Main Bases and Deep Desert spawning has changed to make maps that are both more fair and varied
    • Changed Spice spawn to ensure less spiceless starts
  • Military balancing
  • Major performance improvements and optimization
New Gear:
  • Free Company: Dual Guns (Becomes ranged)
  • Cerberus: Dual Swords (More damages)
  • Gunners: Gatling Gun (High attack speed, no longer demo)
  • Wreckers: Bazookas (More range)
  • Stealth Probes: Mounted Explosives (Explode on death)
New Village traits:
  • Local Sourcing: 20 Solaris production when the village has at least one Building of each type
  • Versatile: +10% production when the village has at least one Building of each type
New Operations:
  • Defense Sabotage (New): Reduce power of enemy missile batteries and Main Base
  • EMP Bomb: Reduce power and speed of enemy mechanical units and missile batteries
  • Defense Breaches: Increase damage taken by enemy Main Base
  • Fremen Sabotage (Fremen only): Reduce enemy power and speed
Removed Operations:
  • Defense Sabotage (Old)
  • Gear Sabotage
  • Sand Cloak (Fremen only)
New Regions:
  • Space Cruiser Wreck
  • Mountains
  • Added AoE preview on Units
  • Attack orders now continue when the target is dead and units will go to the target's dying position
  • Units with a deploy system now correctly undeploy to move when they are asked to attack out of their range
  • Harvesters now have to wait for the Sandworm attack to be finished to redeploy
  • Improved russian translation with the prepositional plural form
  • Some units using rocket launchers now fire visible missiles
  • Units refund amounts from the Iakin passive are now displayed in the world similarly to looting effects
  • Units now have quotes on certain abilities

You can read the complete patch notes of Dune: Spice Wars Line In The Sand Community Update on Steam.

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