Dune: Spice Wars Air & Sand Update Brings New Spaceships, Resources, and Much More

Control the spice.
Control the spice. Shiro Games

Dune: Spice Wars received a meaty update yesterday that brought a ton of content. New spaceships were introduced along with two new resource types. The AI in all difficulties saw improvements, and the single-player mode received a New Solo vs. AI Kanly game mode.

The update also made massive performance optimizations and added new visual effects for in-game and the Lobby/Main Menu. A new neutral enemy called The Renegades is introduced. They will take control of neutral villages and launch raids on the player. Killing them will grant players the newly-added Guild Favors resource.

The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

House Atreides
  • Hawk: A small spacecraft with rapid fire
  • Kraken: A frigate that can transport ground units
House Harkonnen
  • Harpy: A small spacecraft with a powerful AoE attack
  • Overlord: A frigate that controls small but powerful flying drones
The Smugglers
  • Banshee: A small stealth spacecraft that also damages supply
  • Wraith: A frigate that damages the health and supply of ground units in a large area
The Fremen
  • Spire: A fully armed and modified Ornithopter
  • Altar: A big aircraft that can receive up to two improvements
House Corrino
  • Hammer: A slow spacecraft with large AoE attacks, great at shredding armor
  • Cronos: A frigate with a large powerful AoE attack that regenerates its health out of combat
New Resources
  • Guild Favor (for every faction but Fremen): An expensive new resource that is necessary to deploy your spaceships
  • Machine Scrap (for Fremen only): Destroying mechanical units and pillaging villages give scraps that can be used to build airships
New Projectiles System
  • The projectiles of military units were reworked to add spectacle to fights, with more interesting trajectories and effects
  • Projectiles are much smoother in multiplayer
  • Missile batteries and main bases now use the new system and fire multiple missiles
New Neutral Enemies: The Renegades
  • As the game progresses, Renegades from the Faufreluche system will appear and take control of neutral villages
  • Once renegades have taken hold, they will periodically launch powerful raids on players
  • Killing Renegades provides Guild Favors
New Equipment System: Barracks
  • Requires the Barrack building in the Main Base
  • Customize the gears of your military ground units
  • Enhance your units with a trade-off to match your playstyle
New Major Buildings (limited to one per faction)
Spacing Guild Branch (for everyone but Fremen)
  • Allows for the deployment of Spaceships
  • Exchanges Resources for Guild Favors
  • Unlocks Guild Proposals, special events that will get you Guild Favors in large quantities.
Recycling Plant (only for Fremen):
  • Allows for the construction of Airships
  • Allows for the production of Machine Scraps by destroying mechanical units
General Improvements
  • NEW Unlimited multiplayer pause option
  • NEW Players conceding are now replaced by an AI
  • NEW You can join a lobby using its private code
  • Ornithopters set to Auto Recon on game start will now automatically recon the first Spice village
  • Autorecall and autodeploy now take into account the harvester's life points
  • Added Open CHOAM Market keybind on “U” (can be changed in the options)
  • Added the music theme for House Corrino
  • New alerts sounds
  • New menus sounds
  • New Singleplayer menu
  • New operations UI shortcut (you can now click on an empty slot to start a new mission)
  • Bigger alerts

The Dune: Spice Wars Air & Sand Update addressed around a dozen bugs as well. You can read about them in great detail via Steam.

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