Dune: Spice Wars Military and Village Changes Implemented in Community Update 2

Community Update 2
Community Update 2 Steam

Dune: Spice Wars, a 4x real-time strategy game developed by Shiro Games based on the popular Dune franchise, has a new update that implements some changes based on community feedback.

Community Update 2 brought notable changes to militaries and villages in Dune: Spice Wars. First, all unit models now follow their movements more efficiently, so they now feel more responsive and have better handling while moving at high speeds. Furthermore, all military units consume less supply at night.

Another significant change in Community Update 2 is that stealth units are now detected from different ranges depending on the day and night cycle. This means that defensive units and structures can detect stealth units further during the day and a bit closer during the night.

In addition, players can now build on devastated villages. Furthermore, construction time for buildings is increased, while it takes less time to demolish them.

Community Update 2 still has plenty to offer. Here are some of the other noteworthy changes:

  • Spice tax increases faster overall, your Spice production will no longer be taken into account as much as it previously was
  • The first Spice tax has been decreased in order to compensate for the changes
  • The Fremen now start with 20 units of Spice
  • Military units now resupply while in shuttles or worm riding
  • For every level gained, units now gain an additional armor point
  • Building health and armor has been increased
  • Missile Batteries and Main Bases now decrease armor
  • Units that are both stealth and melee have a speed bonus while in combat
  • Mercenary upkeep has been increased to 40 Solari
  • Villages can now be abandoned if they’re under a rebellion
  • Village trait “Supply Cache” has been removed
  • Militia cost more Manpower
  • Missile Batteries are disabled whenever a village has been devastated
  • Underworld Headquarters are faster to install
  • Reduced the number of Underworld Headquarter building slots available in villages and in Main Bases
  • Underworld Headquarters installation prices have been changed, upkeep no longer costs Solari, it now costs Authority
  • There are now 4 assassination missions
  • Counter-intel doesn’t give Command Points anymore
  • Spying slots in enemy factions are unlocked by completing the first two assassination missions
  • Worms take longer to appear
  • Balanced worm attacks. Military units detect worms faster than harvesters. Ornithopters are even faster at detecting incoming worm attacks
  • All factions start with less Influence
  • Pariah status is extended up to 50 Standing
  • Reworked “Architectural Surveys” resolution (now affects Missile Batteries and the Main Base, but both of them have their power lowered instead of not attacking at all)

Dune: Spice Wars Community Update 2 is available on PC.

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