Dream Daddy Robert Guide: How To S-Rank The Bad Boy

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Dream Daddy
Robert is Dream Daddy's resident Bad Boy. Game Grumps

So you have your eyes set on Robert in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator . It’s okay, we’ve all been curious about the bad boy before. He’s actually a really fun dad to date in the game. So here’s how to get the best ending for that ZADDY.

Let me make one thing clear: you sleep with Zaddy Robert and you ruin your chances with him. You first run into this stud at the local bar. And as tempting as it may be to hook up with him when he invites you back to his place, don’t do it. I repeat: DON’T DO IT. Kindly wish him a goodnight and make your way home. Remember, you want to S-Rank his dates. Be strong.

The way to winning Robert’s heart is being sarcastic and emotionally available. Yeah, the first two dates you’ll get creepy murderer vibes, but push through. There’s something truly special waiting for you on the other side (no it’s not his dick). Though you want to get eggplant emojis from Robert, getting into his bed too early will leave you with black mist. You don’t want black mist.

First Meeting

So you’re at the bar and Robert approaches you. You’re watching “The Game” on the television. Robert charms you with his knowledge about whatever sport is playing and his ability to drink whiskey like a man. When he asks you to take a shot, pick the “I love shots” option. Heart emojis will fly. Next option will allow you to compliment his “rugged good looks.” DO IT.

Now, Robert will walk out of the bar. On your walk back, Robert will invite you back to his place. IT’S A TRAP. GO HOME.

Date #1

Okay, so you’ve avoided his peen. You are strong! Now you’re going to have to be tougher during this date. Robert will invite you to get drunk at the same bar. Mary, Joseph’s wife, will join you. Again, Robert will ask you what you would like to drink. Pick whiskey. Always pick whiskey. You will get so many eggplant emojis.

Now, Mary will eventually make some really sarcastic remark. Come at her with the “you with the feds?” option. Remember, Robert likes sarcasm and has a dark sense of humor. Mary eventually leaves and you’ll be alone with Robert. He’ll take you out on the town and will bring up you potentially having your own daddy issues. When he asks you to throw a rock and let that daddy rage out, pick the “I’m sorry” option. More eggplants will ensue.

Robert will then take you to sneak into a movie. Agree to sneak in. He will eggplant. Robert will, of course, be obnoxious during the movie. Be obnoxious back. After the movie, Hugo’s son Ernest will confront you about being rude during the film. Cue creepy murderer music. Drunk Robert gets into a confrontation with him, but he doesn’t actually fight Ernest. It’s definitely a red flag, but hey, the kid was also being a dick. Thank Robert for “defending your honor” when the time comes.

If you’ve done as I said, Robert will walk you to your doorstep and go home. If you messed up, he’ll offer sex. It’s ok. Even if he does, deny him and you’re still on the right track.

Dream Daddy
You better S-Rank that Zaddy. Photo: Game Grumps

Date #2

Robert is an asshole, so he doesn’t respond to your message until later that night. And by answer, I mean shows up at your doorstep like a stalker. You put on clothes and get into Robert’s car. He asks you if you like Tom Waits. Tell him you, “Love Tom Waits.” EGGPLANTS! Eventually the car falls silent. It’s awkward, but Robert hate small talk. Pick the “stay silent” option and more eggplant emojis will pop up.

Robert takes you to his secret hiding place in the middle of nowhere. Turns out this place has a great view of the city. He teases you and makes you think he’s up to no good. Choose the “play along” option. He’ll think your response is eggplant emoji worthy. Eventually Robert will get creepy again and tells you a story about the Dover Ghost. He’s bullshitting you so choose the “you’re lying” option. And there you go more eggplants. After this interaction Robert will open up to you about his past. This means you’re that much closer to his good ending.

Date #3

You’re almost there. Robert and your Dadsona will end up at the local bar. Mary will be there. She’ll make a sarcastic comment about Robert, to which you should respond, “He’ll never convince a jury.” EGGPLANTS! Ok, so now Mary is warming up to you and will tag along to your night out with Robert for a bit. She’ll eventually ditch you when there’s an opportunity to go on a ghost tour. You’ll run into Tour Guide Quinn and he’ll ask you about ghosts. Choose the “go with something I know option.” Your response will be sarcastic and funny.

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to scheme with Robert, who is trying to convince Quinn he is a paranormal expert. To play along with Robert, pick the “traveling grifter” option when it prompts you. Next option will be the “working cons.” And the final option in the story is to remember Robert’s alias. This is important. His fake name is Daniel McSturgiss. Get that wrong and you ruin the date.

If all goes well, you’ll end up at Robert’s house. It’s messy, just like Robert. You will enjoy a drink with Robert before he leans in to kiss you. I KNOW RIGHT SO CUTE! But don’t get too excited. Robert’s not acting... normal. You have the option to confront Robert about his behavior. Choose “Push it” when prompted. Robert will finally let you know what’s going on with his life. After he opens up, choose the “Tell him what he needs to hear.”

Good Ending

If you S-Rank all Robert’s date, you’ll get his good ending. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a genuinely sweet moment in the game. What did you think about Robert? Let us know in the comments below.

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