Dream Daddy Has A Secret, Creepy ‘Cult’ Ending

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Dream Daddy
Dream Daddy has a creepy-AF ending. Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy players found a secret ending in the game’s code and it’s so creepy. Big thank you to the game devs for leaving it out.

We don’t know if the ending was ever supposed to make it to Dream Daddy, or if the scene was intentionally left in the code as a little wink to players, but the cult ending is pretty twisted. The scene reveals Joseph, the good Christian dad, runs some kind of satanic cult under the hot dad cul de sac.

Joseph’s wife, Mary, helps you escape the dungeon Joseph is keeping you as prisoner and you meet a new character in the game. This man is a detective who helps you and Mary cover up what I believe might be Joseph’s murder. Not completely sure what happens to him.

I don’t mind the ending, but it’s over-the-top and obviously doesn’t fit the overall wholesome tone of the game. I also didn’t like seeing Joseph in sinister light. Watch the Dream Daddy cult ending in the video below.

Joseph’s story in Dream Daddy is complex. He’s supposed to be this wholesome father, but you learn he’s not perfect. His wife Mary has a drinking problem, but tries her best to be a good mother to her kids. As the story unfolds, you learn Joesph has cheated on Mary with other men, including Robert.

It’s inferred he leads them to his boat that appears lived in and he shares a night with them. He then goes back to Mary and tells her he wants to work on their problems. We don’t know if Mary’s drinking problem was always a part of her life with Joseph, but his infidelities probably contribute to her spiraling.

Mary goes out to the bars and flirts with the male patrons, but she can never bring herself to do anything more than flirt. Joseph, however, can’t seem to stay true to his wife. It makes you feel for Mary and Joseph. They seem to be leading separate lives and don’t know how to be happy in their marriage.

But the game never makes Joseph’s struggles with his wife about religion. Joseph’s faith isn’t the reason why he stays with Mary, he doesn’t seem like he’s trying to appear “straight.” It feels like it’s two people who want something to work out even though they know it never will.

Dream Daddy is now available on Steam for PC and Mac users.

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