Dota 2 Stockholm Major: EEU Teams Joining But CN Teams Skipping

Good news and bad news.
Good news and bad news. Twitter/@ESLDota2

The Dota 2 Stockholm Major is a little over a week away. At this point, a lot of fans are probably not sure what to feel. On one hand, it's good to know that teams from Eastern Europe managed to suit up for the upcoming major. On the other hand, Chinese teams won't be able to join.

Eastern Europe Makes It

Let's start with Eastern Europe. When the Spring Tour started, there was some uncertainty about what was going to happen to the teams here. Fortunately, a decision was made to change organizers alongside a revamped format. Instead of having a full-blown tournament, it was decided with a playoffs format. As a result, BetBoom Team, Team Spirit, and Mind Games all qualified for the Stockholm Major.

No Chinese Team

That should have been the end of the story right? It was announced in a tweet that the Chinese teams won't be able to attend the Stockholm Major citing the "current situation in China." While it wasn't revealed what that situation was, it's likely related to the new COVID-19 outbreaks in the country.

The Chinese teams supposed to be attending were:

  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Team Aster
  • Royal Never Give Up

Without these teams, there's no question that the Stockholm Major is rather unpredictable, which should excite fans, in a way. What's going to happen now is China will have a Regional Final from May 6 to May 8. That should give them some breathing room in terms of DPC Points.

DPC Ranking

With the Spring Tour over and the Stockholm Major on the horizon, we finally get an idea of how the teams are ranked so far. The top 12 are:

  • PSG.LGD (China): 950 Points
  • Team Spirit (Eastern Europe): 790 Points
  • Gaimin Gladiators (Western Europe): 670 Points
  • TSM (North America): 670 Points
  • Thunder Awaken (South America): 655 Points
  • Evil Geniuses (North America): 650 Points
  • BOOM Esports (Southeast Asia): 622.5 Points
  • Beastcoast (South America): 610 Points
  • Team Liquid (Western Europe): 590 Points
  • Fnatic (Southeast Asia): 580 Points
  • OG (Western Europe): 460 Points
  • BetBoom Team (Eastern Europe): 400 Points

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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