Dota 2 Spring Tour: Eastern Europe to Start Matches Tomorrow

Good news for fans!
Good news for fans! Twitter/@BTSdota

We finally have an update on what’s going to happen in the Eastern Europe Dota 2 pro scene and its teams. With the Stockholm Major just a few weeks away, many of those in the community are wondering. The good news is matches are starting tomorrow under a new format.

It was announced in March that the Spring Tour was “postponed indefinitely” in Eastern Europe. With the rest of the regions now done with their respective matches, Valve had to do something since the region includes the defending TI champion Team Spirit.

Then, the originally scheduled tournament was to be organized by Epic Esports Events. Now, it has been revealed that the tournament organizer is Beyond The Summit.

So instead of having a tournament from scratch, it’s going to proceed to the playoffs. The teams participating are six from Division I of the previous tour and two from Division II of the previous tour.

All eight teams start in the upper bracket and follow a double-elimination format. With the region having three slots, the first two are awarded to the winner of the Upper Bracket Final and Lower Bracket Final.

A third slot decider is for the final slot.


Here are the initial matches to watch out for:

  • April 27
    • HellRaisers vs. Natus Vincere
    • Outsiders vs. CIS Rejects
  • April 28
    • Team Spirit vs. BB Team
    • PuckChamp vs. Mind Games

Roster Changes

With everything happening in Eastern Europe, it’s not surprising to know that there have been some roster changes. For example, you’re probably one of those wondering why isn’t on the list. The roster is actually joining the tournament as the Outsiders.

Winstrike Team, meanwhile, released their roster back on March 24. The good news is that they’re now part of the BB Team.

Finally, there is the HellRaisers. In early March, the roster was released, citing difficulty to work given the current situation, but the organization has since brought back the same roster.

What about you? What did you think about this new format?

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