Dota 2: Spring Update for Dota Plus is Here

Get ready for more features.
Get ready for more features. Valve

A new update for Dota 2 has been released which introduced new content along with balancing changes to heroes and items. One of these is related to Dota Plus, which Valve is calling the Spring update. There's a lot to unpack but the highlights are Advanced Battle Stats, Customizable Quickcasting, and Friends List Improvements.

For those new to Dota 2, Dota Plus is a premium monthly subscription service which offers a lot of features, such as statistical analysis, hero progression, and even selective matchmaking. There are also shard, relics, terrain, and other item rewards to enjoy. In addition, those who subscribe to the service receive extra rewards from battle passes and events.

More Features to Enjoy

So, what's new in Dota Plus Spring update? With advanced Battle Stats, players can now evaluate and elevate their game. The real-time gameplay analytics have been revamped completely allowing players to dig deeper into their playstyle by looking at their complete Dota 2 history and sorting it by hero, game mode, and role, to name a few. There's also the Creeps stats that can show just how good your performance is when it comes to last hitting creeps. Support stats have been made better as well.

Other new content and changes include:

  • Customizable Quickcasting
    • Quickcast users can now individually assign which unit-specific abilities and items are triggered using key press or release.
    • Players can try this one out by choosing Unit Specific Hotkeys and Enable Quickcast for abilities and items in the hotkeys tab of the settings menu.
  • Friends List Improvements
    • Players can now tag the people they play with the most to keep them at the top of their friends list.
    • Friends list can now be sorted by Favorites, Playing Dota, Online, and Offline.
    • There's also a new Friend Search feature to find exactly who you're looking for.
  • Seasonal Quest
    • A new set of Dota Plus quests have arrived offering as much as 115,200 shards over the course of the season.
    • This should be good news to those looking to open Dead Reckoning Chests.
  • Seasonal Sets
    • The Autumnal 2021 and Wintry 2021 treasure content can now be purchased in the Shard Shop for 15,000 Shards each.

The new update introduced the new hero Muerta. Get ready to experience the changes done for Turbo mode. Dota 2 is available on PC through Steam.

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