Dota 2 Lima Major: BetBoom Team and TSM Eliminated, Execration Went Home Empty Handed

From the top to the bottom.
From the top to the bottom. 4D Esports

If you need proof just how unpredictable the competitive scene of Dota 2 really is, look no further than the ongoing Lima Major. The top teams from three regions were eliminated from the tournament. These are BetBoom Team of Western Europe, TSM of North America, and Execration of Southeast Asia, all of which ended Tour 1 in first place.

Expectation vs. Reality

When BetBoom revealed its new roster, a lot of fans in the community got excited. After all, it was seen by many as a really strong team. During Tour 1, the team did not disappoint. Not only did they win first place in the region, but they also did it without losing a match.

The expectations were high going to Lima Major. During the group stage, most of their games were either draws or outright losses. Their only win was against the Knights. They even lost against HellRaisers. The question now is, will the members continue to work together for the next tour or go their separate ways?

From the Top to the Bottom

Two other teams suffered the same fate as BetBoom. First is TSM of North America. Like BetBoom, this team also ended Tour 1 with zero losses and took home first place after beating rival Shopify Rebellion. Based on their performance in the previous season, there was a possibility that they would make it past the group stage. Sadly, it turned out that this team still needs to find its groove. To be fair though, their two wins were against EHOME and PSG.LGD.

Moving to Southeast Asia, Execration managed to climb their way to Division I from Division II and took first place at Tour 1 of the new season. Looking at their performance during Lima Major, it was actually good. Of the eight matches that they played, they lost two and got a draw on the remaining six. However, it wasn't enough and they went home empty handed.

Other Eliminations

Another Southeast Asian team, Geek Slate, is also returning home with Execration. Geek Slate was also from Division II and finished second place in the region for Tour 1. Finally, two teams from China were eliminated as well, which were EHOME and Knights.

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