Dota 2: Roshan Has Two New Homes and We Now Have Portals

Check out the Watchers and the Defender's Gate.
A really big change.
A really big change. Valve

A new update is now live in Dota 2 and for sure many are now scrambling to get themselves accustomed to the changes. The biggest one is the 40% bigger map with numerous new features.

One example is Roshan, who apparently decided that it’s not enough to have just one home. This time, he has two homes and traveling from one side to another is aided by Twin Gates. Also, expect the Watchers and the Defender’s Gate.

New Real Estate

The map change led Roshan to sell his old river pit for two new pits located in the southeast and northwest corners of the map. He stays in the Radiant side during the day and goes to the Dire side at night. So, how does he travel? You won’t meet him in the field since he uses the Twin Gates to teleport from one gate to the next , and you can also access these same gates.

We have to point out that Roshan has likely been going to the gym because he’s much tankier. His base armor is increased to 30 from 20 while HP increase per minute is up to 130 from 115. In addition, Roshan no longer drops Aghanim's Shard on the second death but drops Cheese. On the third death onward, he drops Aghanim's Scepter when killed on the Radiant side and a Refresher Shard when killed on the Dire side.

Other New Map Features

Other map features introduced with the New Frontiers update include:

  • Lotus Pools
    • These can be found on the left and right sides of the map.
    • They periodically spawn fruit that gives HP and mana when eaten.
    • The fruits can be stockpiled and combined into larger higher-value fruit.
  • Tormentors
    • These two powerful neutral creeps spawn near each base after 20 minutes and can give Aghanim's Shards.
    • They're equipped with megashields which reflect most of the damage thrown at them.
    • They grow stronger every time they are killed.
  • Watchers
    • Inactive and neutral when the game starts.
    • Gives vision in an area when activated for seven minutes but can be disabled by the other team.
    • When a team kills Roshan, all Watchers turn to their side.
  • Defender's Gates
    • It's a back door to the game that has a force field which lets the team through but keeps the enemy team out.
  • Wisdom Runes
    • Spawn near the base and grant XP boosts.
  • Shield Runes
    • Gives 50% of max HP as a barrier.

What did you think of the new map changes? Don’t forget to check out our summary of the changes that arrived in this update. Get Dota 2 on Steam now.

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