Dota 2: New Update Makes QoL Changes to Allow for Better Decision Making

New changes introduced and improves the gameplay experience. Valve

The Frostivus 2023 update for Dota 2 is finally here. There's a lot of new cosmetics for everyone to enjoy. However, those who are more into actual gameplay should be happy to know that there are quality-of-life changes that's meant to help players get better information during matches and make better decisions.

For example, one problem that players often face is not knowing if they're within the range of the tower or not. That issue is addressed with the new Tower Range Indicator. These enhanced effects help players make better decision whether to go ahead and dive or simply run and retreat for now. Players can also look forward to the XP Range Indicator. By simply hovering on the level of the hero, players are shown where to get those precious XP. Did we mention that there's no need to press the "ALT" button?

Speaking on indicators, more abilities know have an accurate display when it comes to AOE.

Here are the other QoL changes introduced with this new update:

  • Teleport Time
    • Teleport times in the game are variable but now players can see the commute time before using their TP Scroll.
  • Minimap Icons
    • Enjoy arrows and hero icons.
  • Ability Icon States
    • Players can now tell at a glance if their ability has been disabled or not.
  • Better Item Tooltips
    • More information now available, that include, target type, damage type, and dispellability.
  • Dota+ Wisdom Rune Timer
    • Enjoy the spawn timer.
  • Creep Bounties
    • Players can now see the bounty that each creep is worth.

Profile Showcase

The new update also introduces new features to give players more ways to express themselves.

  • Animations
    • Choose an animation sequence to get heroes moving.
  • Freeze Frames
    • Freeze on any frame of an animation and capture that perfect awkward moment.
  • Anchoring onto Heroes
    • Anchor other profile elements on the hero models and watch them move with the animation.
  • Grid Snap
    • Get to align things perfectly.
  • Improved Portraits
    • Choose between a 3D model or 2D portrait version.
    • Show off the hero level badge and even relics.
  • More Models
    • Enjoy other models that include summons, wards, taunts, pets, and item highlights, to name a few.

The Frostivus 2023 update arrives to the game courtesy of Patch 7.35 which can you learn more about here. Aside from the QoL changes, the new update also has changes on some items and the usual buffs and nerfs on the heroes.

Dota 2 is available for the PC through Steam.

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