Dota 2: Get Ready for the Return of the Ring of Tarrasque

Something's making a return. Valve

When an update for Dota 2 is released, it usually adds a new item, introduces rework on some, and even remove others. Patch 7.35 makes a rather interesting move as it brings back the Ring of Tarrasque. It doesn't only bring it back but also makes a big change.

The Ring of Tarrasque was introduced back in Patch 7.20 as a new item. It cost 700 gold and granted +3.75 HP Regen along with +150 Health. It could be upgraded to Heart of Tarrasque and Holy Locket. It underwent a lot of changes but by Patch 7.28 it was removed.

While the Ring of Tarrasque is indeed back, it's not the original one. That's because its ability is now to grant +12 Health Regeneration. However, a bigger change is that it's now a basic Secret Shop item and costs 1800 gold. In addition to Heart of Tarrasque, the ring can also be upgraded to Refresher Orb and Pipe of Insight.

See the New Items

Three new items have been added and these are:

  • Tiara of Selemene
    • New basic Secret Shop item.
    • Cost: 1800
    • Provides +6 Mana Regen
  • Khanda
    • Requires Crystalys (2000), Phylactery (2400) and a 600g recipe.
    • Total cost: 5000
    • Provides +50 Damage, +200 Health, +200 Mana and +8 All Attributes
    • Passive: Critical Strike. 30% chance to deal 160% critical damage on attacks
    • Passive: Empower Spell. The spell is similar to Phylactery's passive, but bonus damage is rescaled from flat 100 to 100 + 75% of your attack damage.
  • Parasma
    • Requires Witch Blade (2775) and Mystic Staff (2800). Total cost: 5575
    • Provides +45 Intelligence, +40 Attack Speed, +8 Armor and +300 Attack Projectile Speed
    • Passive: Magic Corruption. All your attacks apply a -20% Magic Resistance debuff on enemies for 4s
    • Passive: Witch Blade. The spell is similar to Witch Blade's passive, but Intelligence Multiplier is increased from 0.75x to 1x and Cooldown is decreased from 9s to 7s

Items Removed

With a new item returning and three new items introduced, two have been removed. These are the Quarterstaff and the Medallion of Courage.

Reworked Items

There are also items reworked like Arcane Boots. While the cost is still the same, it now needs Boots of Speed, Ring of Basilius, and a recipe. For the ability, instead of +250 Mana, it now provides +0.75 Mana Regen. It also offers the Basilius Aura which gives +1 Mana Regen to all alliead units within a 1200 radius. In addition, the item can no longer be disassembled.

See all items changes introduced in Patch 7.35 here. You can also read more about the hero changes and the QoL improvements. Dota 2 is available for the PC through Steam.

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