Dota 2: Doom Gets Much Needed Buffs as Dazzle Gets Handed Nerfs

Who's the biggest winners and losers? Valve

Patch 7.35 for Dota 2 is finally here. Dubbed as the Frostivus 2023 update, it introduces a lot of new content along with exciting quality-of-life changes. There are also changes made to heroes with Doom and Keeper of the Light being some of the big winners. Meanwhile, the likes of Dazzle and Lone Druid get handed the smackdown and received nerfs.

Back to the Meta

Doom has long been one of the top choices when it comes to offlane heroes. However, this was lessened over time. These new buffs though are sure to bring him back to the meta stronger. Base Movement Speed for example has been increased to 290 from 285. Cooldown for Infernal Blade has been lowered and is now 13/10/7/4 s.

There are two changes though that's sure to catch the attention of the players. For starters, Doom now no longer makes a hero deniable. For his Devour ability, the neutral abilities now level up automatically at the same when these neutral abilities scale. Changes have been made to Talents which is the Infernal Blade Max HP as Damager is now +2%.

More Support

Those who like to choose Keeper of the Light are sure to be happy with the changes. Will-o-Wisp got buffed with Ignis Fatuus now dealing 75 damage per flicker. That's not all since his Recall skill now lets him casts Chakra Magic on himself and an ally upon teleporting.

Slow Down

Lately, Dazzle has been seen by a lot of players as one of the broken heroes in the game. All of those changes with the new update. The nerfs experienced is sure to slow things down especially during the early and mid-game phases. One change is that heroes who have been affected by Poison Touch can now be denied once their health falls below 25%.

The nerf to Bad Juju though is the one that's rather painful. That's because this skill no longer affects item cooldowns. There is a possibility that Dazzle may be buffed in the next update. Which means players may need to hold on playing Dazzle and wait until new changes are made.

See all the hero changes introduced in Patch 7.35 here. You can also read more about the item changes and the QoL improvements. Dota 2 is available for the PC through Steam.

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