Dota 2: Neutral Item Drops Reworked in New Frontiers Update

Check out the new Neutral items.
Looks like a better system for everyone.
Looks like a better system for everyone. Valve

When neutral items were first introduced in Dota 2, it redefined how the game should be played. While there were problems here and there, fixes were done to promote exciting gameplay. In the New Frontiers update, neutral items have been reworked, more specifically how they're obtained.

Neutral items are dropped by neutral creeps. While they can't be purchased or sold at shops, they are fully shareable and can't be destroyed. That’s why they’re very essential and can easily turn the tide of battle. The problem is neutral items often go to the carry but that changes in New Frontiers.

This time, instead of dropping neutral items upon death, neutral creeps drop Neutral Tokens, which come in different tiers. Players can click on a token and get a selection of five random neutral items of the token's tier. They can choose one and the token permanently turns into the chosen item.

The thing is, each hero comes with their own selection of random items. So if a hero has multiple tokens of the same tier, the result is always the same selection of items. That's because it's fixed per player not per token. While Neutral Tokens are fully shareable, the items claimed from these tokens won't be.

This is actually a good rework since it gives all players the chance to have a neutral item.

The Seven

In addition to the rework, seven new neutral items have been added:

  • Duelist Gloves (Tier 1)
    • +10 Damage
    • Passive: Boldness
  • Spark of Courage (Tier 1)
    • Passive: Courage
  • Gossamer Cape (Tier 2)
    • +20 Movement Speed
    • Passive: Sixth Sense
  • Defiant Shell (Tier 3)
    • +5 Armor
    • +7 All Attributes
    • Passive: Reciprocity
  • Vindicator's Axe (Tier 3)
    • Bonus Attack Speed: 25
    • Passive: Vengeance
  • Dandelion Amulet (Tier 3)
    • Bonus Movement Speed: 25
    • Bonus Mana: 300
    • Passive: Magical Damage Block
  • Martyr's Plate (Tier 4)
    • +20 Magic Resistance
    • Active: Martyrdom

Don’t forget to check out our summary of the changes that arrived in this new update. Get Dota 2 for PC on Steam now.

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