Dota 2 Brings Back The Sideshop… Sort Of

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Look who's back.
Look who's back. Valve

Last week, the Sideshop that was included with the new Dota 2 Battlepass was removed. There were a number of reasons for why it was removed, but this was mainly related to the fact that this feature was not received positively by a lot of players. You can read more about there here.

However, a few days later it appeared that Valve made the decision to bring it back... well... in a way. An update was released which allows players continue using the Sideshop. Those who decide to do so can use recycling in order to earn gold.

The choice to have the Sideshop can be turned off and on depending on the recycling preference of the player. In addition, the gold is going to be provided again through Gauntlets and Guild.

In a post, Valve admitted that “some players may have already spent their gold and consumed their gems” since the update last Thursday. To address this issue, Valve is restoring everyone’s gold to what it was before the update was launched. Any gems spent since then are also being restored. Finally, all items that have been redeemed through the store continue to be available in the player inventories.

To toggle the Sideshop, just follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Choose “Option”
  • Select “Advanced Options”
  • Look for the option “Recycle Immortal Treasures for Sideshop Gold”
    • This should be on the lower right portion.

Collector’ Cache Voting

One of the features of Dota 2 is known as the Workshop. According to a statement from Valve, the entries for this year’s Collector’s Cache have been mainly high-quality submissions. In order to know which of these submissions make the cut, all Battle Pass owners are given until June 12 to vote which ones are going to be eventually featured.

The voting process is going to be both easy and simple. Players are given the chance to see a lineup of the item sets to allow for easy comparison. For each set under consideration, Battle Pass owners can give them either a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Sets that have the highest scores get to be included as main items of this year’s Cache.

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