You Can Still Enjoy The New Dota 2 Battle Pass Even With No TI This Year

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What's in store in this one?
What's in store in this one? Valve

Valve may have cancelled The International for this year, but that didn’t stop them from launching one of the highlights of this annual Dota 2 event, which is the Battle Pass. The International 10 Battle Pass has a lot to offer this year, from the usual Immortal items all the way to new features and three, yes three, new Arcana items.

Those new to the game will be interested to know that the Battle Pass has a unique feature. In particular, 25% of all Battle Pass sales are added to The International's prize pool. While there is no event for now, Valve has continued to track the amount. As of the writing of this article, which is around a day after the release of the Battle Pass, around $6.5 million has already been added to the prize pool. This is actually higher than previous years.

There are three bundles available, which are:

  • Level 1 Bundle: $9.99
  • Level 50 Bundle: $29.35
  • Level 100 Bundle: $44.99

While the bundles can indeed give you a head start, it’s going to take a lot of work to climb the tiers. Why, you ask? There’s a total of 1,000 tiers. That means if you want to skip all tiers, you’re going to have to buy the Level 100 Bundle 10 times.


Let’s start with the rewards. There’re going to be three kinds of Immortal Treasures. The first one has been released and is received at Levels 1, 10, 22, 36, 52, 80, and 220. After that it’s going to be available every 30 levels. No update was given on when Treasure II and Treasure III are going to be released.

Excited to get this one?
Excited to get this one? Valve

Here are the other rewards players can look forward to:

  • Level 160
    • New Terrain: Sanctums of the Divine
  • Level 200
    • Living Towers
  • Level 255
    • Pudge Persona: The Toy Butcher
  • Level 305
    • Anti-Mage Persona: The Disciple’s Path
  • Level 375
    • Wraith King Arcana: The One True King
  • Level 445
    • Queen of Pain Arcana: Eminence of Ristul
  • Level 575
    • Windranger Arcana: Compass of the Rising Gale

New: Pause-Screen Playground

One of the things that some players “hate” is when a game is paused. While it has its purpose, the waiting time remains to be difficult for some. With this new feature, one of three different mini-games are going to appear each time the match is paused. These are Hero Hunt, Musical Chairs, and Whack-a-Meepo. Hopefully this will be enough to help pass the time.

Prepare for some whacking.
Prepare for some whacking. Valve

New: Bounties

Each week players get Bounty Tokens that can be used to place bounties on enemy heroes. Both the player and teammates are going to see a bounty notice as well as a timer. Those who manage to kill the target before the time runs out get 200 Battle Points. The catch is that the player that sets the bounty is not allowed to be the one to complete it.

Put on those bounties.
Put on those bounties. Valve

New: Sideshop

Nope, Dota 2 isn’t bringing back the Sideshop in the game. This one works a bit like Dota Underlords. Players need to hire some heroes using gold earned from Battle Pass rewards. They can then be sold in return for gems. The gems can then be used to pick up special rewards.

What prizes await you?
What prizes await you? Valve

New: Battle Gauntlet

Players have a chance to show others how good they are by winning in the newest Battle Gauntlet. To take on the challenge just use an entry ticket and then join the queue.

Coming Soon: Special Summer Event

There’s going to be an event starting this summer. In this one a mysterious power has arrived and disrupted the war of the Ancients. There’s going to be a four-player maze that players can explore with friends or allies using the queue. Teams need to work together and choose a path as behind each new door is a surprise. It’s also going to be repeatable since no two adventures are the same.

What secret lies behind the doors?
What secret lies behind the doors? Valve

Dota Plus Assistant

For those who are into data and numbers, the improvement to the Assistant is going to be a treat. The features include:

  • Post-Game Healing Chart
    • Gives a breakdown of the healing chart to accompany the existing damage chart.
    • It shows the amount of healing done and the source of the healing.
  • Post-Game Gold Source Table
    • Be able to finally track where each amount of gold came from.
  • Post-Game XP Source Table
    • See the full breakdown of the XP earned each game.
  • Bounty Rune & Outpost Stats
    • New columns for Bounty Runes and Outposts added to the post-game scoreboard.
  • Outgoing Damage Summary
    • Learn how much damage you managed to deal.
  • Pull Timer
    • A way to help with lane control.

Learn more about the new Dota 2 Battle Pass here.

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