The Upcoming Dota 2 Update is Reworking Techies

Ka boom!
Ka boom! Valve

With the Regional Finals of Tour 1 over, Dota 2 fans are now waiting for the next big thing. It’s not a new tournament but the release of a new update. The wait won’t be that long with Update 7.31 scheduled to come out this Wednesday.

That’s not the only thing making a lot of fans really excited. Valve has confirmed that among the many changes coming is the rework on Techies. But that’s all Valve revealed so everyone is going to have to wait until Wednesday to see those changes.

A Look-Back

It was back in 2014 when it was first revealed that Techies was joining the game. Since then, it has been mainly a love and hate relationship with a lot of players. It’s a lot of fun to play within pubs but it’s not really getting the attention in tournaments, especially in TI.

From 2015 to 2021 for example, Techies has only been picked a total of 11 times in TI. Eight of those were in 2015, the year after it was introduced. Here’s hoping that whatever rework it is, the hero gets the attention he deserves in tournaments.

So how are players and fans reacting to this announcement? It’s actually been fun. Tundra Esports and Team Secret are both “wishing” that the hero is going to be deleted. We here at Player.One hope it’s something that makes the hero more fun to play, whether you’re the one using it or playing against it.

New Update

There's no question that there is indeed a lot of excitement with the upcoming changes to the favorite trio. Players though are looking forward to what else is coming in Update 7.31. That's because the last major update, 7.30, was released in August 2021. Meanwhile, 7.30e went live in October 2021. It has truly been a long wait.

With Tour 2 set to begin in March, Update 7.31 is going to change the meta once again. That's less than a month and hopefully, teams would be able to make the necessary adjustments.

What about you? What changes are you hoping to see in Techies? What about the meta? Any improvements you look forward to?

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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