Doom Eternal Update 5 Patch Notes: QoL Features, Balancing Changes, and Bug Fixes

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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 expansion pack was released a couple of days ago. The paid DLC brought a three-hour-long campaign, however, a free update was also released for every DOOM owner, regardless if they bought the DLC or not. Update 5 brings some new quality-of-life features, balancing changes, and bug fixes. But no new Master Level has been added in this update.

A new "Racecar" HUD Option is now available. It is turned on by default and will show information about Blood Punch, Chainsaw, Flame Bench, and Sentinel Hammer near the Reticle. You can change the font and the placement of the icons and choose which information you want near the reticle or if you want, you can disable this feature completely. Players can now add a delay to the Weapon Wheel option in milliseconds, though it is only available for players who are using a controller.

Battle Mode received multiple balancing changes for both slayers and demons. Feel free to read about them in detail below.

General Updates for All Platforms

  • New "Racecar" HUD Options

A new, optional feature known as the Reticle Ability Indicator allows you to position icons for certain important mechanics near your reticle so you are able to track when they are ready to use and improve your effectiveness.

  • New Weapon Wheel Open Delay (in milliseconds)

Adjust switch weapon versus Weapon Wheel timing based on the button press/hold.


Fixed a variety of issues around the Blood Punch not triggering, and Chainsaw input not registering a target.

New BATTLEMODE Updates for All Platforms



  • Hitting a demon player with a Blood Punch guarantees BFG ammo to drop for the Slayer player.
  • Glory killing AI will no longer have a chance to drop BFG ammo.


  • Added NEW Slayer Upgrade - UAC Firepower.
  • Increases plasma gun damage by 25% and reduces Ballista damage by 50%.
  • Removed Slayer’s Speed Demon round upgrade – replaced with UAC Firepower upgrade.


  • Increased Slayer boost duration with the Endless Rage power upgrade from three to five seconds.


  • Removed Master Carve ammo buff – the ammo from that upgrade has been added to the Slayer’s base kit.


  • Blood Punch charge is given on round start after acquiring Fists of Fury.


  • Cooldown reduction added to Bonus Boom upgrade.


  • Slayer melee damage to player demons is now only one damage.



  • Removed Loot Block cooldown reduction from Tactician upgrade for demon players (cooldown is now a consistent 40 seconds).
  • Loot Block duration increased from 3 to 3.5 seconds.
  • BFG ammo is no longer affected by Loot Block.


  • Behavior has been changed to heal-over-time instead of instant heal.
  • Eight-sec duration - No change in heal percentages - still 30% on PC and 20% on Console.


  • Noxious Hazard ability damage no longer stacks when two are placed on top of a Slayer player.


  • Demon respawn protection increased from three to five seconds.

BATTLEMODE Fixes for All Platforms

  • Fixed an issue in which the Slayer could fire the Full Auto Mod and Sticky Bomb Mod at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where vacuumed health drops that were not picked up turned invisible but remained active.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Archvile to place the Flame Wall on top of the Slayer.
  • Fixed a bug where the Extinction Level Slayer Milestone did not track when demon players were killed with the BFG.

You can read the official patch notes and the list of known issues on the official site as well.

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