Doom Eternal Update 2: Everything You Need To Know

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Doom Eternal Update 2
Doom Eternal Update 2 Wallpaper Abyss

Doom Eternal is gearing up for its second major update, which is expected to release later this week. The update is said to bring an all-new Battlemode map and a variety of interesting stuff. This information was confirmed on Doom Eternal's official website, which stated that the new Battlemode map will be called Torment and it is said to feature multiple jump pads to allow players to pull off some creative traversal moves.

Torment Battlemode Map

The Torment Battlemode map puts the Slayer and Demons in a dangerous arena that is studded with overgrown foliage and cryptic markings. The map is also said to include narrower stretches and those who master these paths will benefit the most in gunfights. Although the jump pads allow the Slayer to gain considerable ground, a tactical demon can set up traps around corners and high ground to disrupt the Slayer's advances.

Improvements To Battlemode

Bethesda is also implementing several quality of life changes with the Update 2. These changes include enhancements to the multiplayer mode, several bug fixes, and as well as optimizations. The update will also bring latency improvements and allow players to set custom keybinds for each demon type.

Bethesda also confirmed that all additional changes coming with Update 2 will be updated in the patch notes releasing later this month. The developer asked players to keep an eye out for quality of life improvements for colorblind players, major updates to the UX for Boosters and increasing the number of Empowered Demons per map. It seems like Bethesda is putting in a lot of work to improve the Doom Eternal experience for all awaiting Slayers.

In the first major Update, an all-new Echelon rank system was introduced for players who had reached level 250 along with a host of quality of life changes for both single-player and multiplayer modes of the game. The update also introduced the Denuvo anti-cheat tool, which was shortly removed after backlash from players.

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