Don't Starve Together: A Little Drama Now Live; Adds Relaxed Preset and New World Settings

A Little Drama
A Little Drama Steam

Klei Entertainment launched A Little Drama Update for Don’t Starve Together not long ago. This patch allows survivors to wear special costumes and use the new stage to tell their stories.

A new set of features have also been implemented in the latest update for Don’t Starve Together. There’s now a “Relaxed” preset which is great for those who want to explore the game without much of a hassle. That’s because survivors take 35% less damage from all sources, and Wildfires are disabled when using this preset.

Players are given more control as well, thanks to the new world settings. For instance, they can now determine whether hunger can kill survivors. Additionally, there’s a new setting that dictates if a dead survivor turns into a ghost or is brought back to the survivor select menu.

Also, players who log in will get some goodies fit for the Halloween season, such as the Trick or Treat Chest and the Pantomimed Snazzy Pitchfork.

Login Rewards: Trick or Treat Chest and Pantomimed Snazzy Pitchfork
Login Rewards: Trick or Treat Chest and Pantomimed Snazzy Pitchfork Klei Entertainment

A Little Drama Update brought quality-of-life changes as well. Here are some of them:

QoL Highlights

  • Recipe Cards can now be found throughout the world
    • Reading a card will say the recipe for a Crock Pot dish.
    • Recipe Cards can be found in Tumbleweeds, Graves, Sunken Chests, and some boons
  • Food and Crock Pot Changes:
    • Added 2 Egg Crock Pot recipes.
    • Added a Tallbird Egg Crock Pot recipe.
    • Added 2 Beefalo feed Crock Pot recipes.
    • Adjusted the Stuffed Fish Heads and Veggie Burger cooking priority to prevent multiple results.
    • Banana Shake can no longer be made with meat, fish, or monster meat.
    • Frozen Banana Daiquiri can no longer be made with meat or fish and adjusted the priority to remove the random chance of getting a Banana Shake.
    • Ice Cream is now classified as Goodies.
    • Beefalo can now eat Roasted Birchnut.
    • Changed the time for Tallbirds to lay a new egg to be more in line with other food sources.
  • The Fire Pit and Campfire will now drop a charcoal when the fire goes out if it was fueled to the max stage.
  • Added information, while a ghost, to help new players learn how to revive.
  • Added the Turf-Raiser Helm, a new helmet that you can get from the Antlion.
  • Tallbird nests are now guaranteed to be generated in new worlds.
  • Tallbird Eggs have been added to Klaus’ Loot Stash
  • Merms will no longer tolerate their non-Wurt leader murdering fish.

New World Settings

  • Temperature Damage: Default / Nonlethal (will damage but not kill survivors)
  • Darkness Damage: Default / Nonlethal (will damage but not kill survivors)
  • Max Health Penalty: Enabled / Disabled
  • Damage Taken: 35% less / default / 35% more
  • Spawn Mode: If survivors should spawn at the Florid Postern or at a random location.
  • Ghost Sanity Drain: Controls if there will be a sanity drain on all players when anyone is a ghost.
  • Death Reset Timer: Controls how long you have before the world regenerates when all survivors are dead.
  • Basic Resources: If basic resources, such as saplings and berry bushes, should respawn over time.
A Little Drama
A Little Drama Klei Entertainment

Don’t Starve Together: A Little Drama Update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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