Don't Starve Together: The Curse of Moon Quay Update Offers Fresh Content and Improved Map Controls

The Curse of the Moon Quay Update
The Curse of the Moon Quay Update Twitter/@klei

The latest major content patch for the wilderness survival game Don’t Starve Together is here. The Curse of Moon Quay Update will make you face new sea-faring enemies, particularly the interdimensional monkey pirates.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that the map controls are now more intuitive than ever. For instance, zooming in or out is not only much smoother but now focuses on the cursor as well.

In addition, the favorite food bonus now takes into account Warly’s spices. If you are new to the game, different characters in Don’t Starve Together have favorite foods. When they’re fed with foods that they like, they will gain an extra 15 points on their hunger meter. In The Curse of the Moon Quay Update, they will gain an additional bonus. Chili Flakes, for example, provide a 20% damage buff.

The other changes in this major content patch can be found below:

  • New Moon Quay Island and inhabitants.
  • Ocean Privateers.
  • New upgrades for boating:
    • Grass Boat
    • Kelp Bumper
    • Shell Bumper
    • Cannon and Cannonballs
    • Rudder
    • Trawler
    • Polly Roger's Hat
  • Docks
  • Nautopilot and Nautopilot Beacon
  • New perspectives on life.
  • Rotating the map will be around the current location and not the player.
  • Controllers will see a smooth directional panning experience.
  • Panning the map will try to keep a portion of the map visible in the center of the screen.
  • Note: Some mods that interact with the map or create new map instances may need to be updated for some of these features to work.
  • Cactus and Oasis Cactus have been added to world regrowth.
  • Reeds and Cactus now have settings for world regrowth.
  • Big Woby will now eat the food given to her instead of staring at it.
  • Merm King trades have Gnomes replaced with Hardened Bungs.
  • Reduced the cost of the Sea Fishing Rod.
  • Fixed particle emitters from emitting during a crash screen.
  • Panning the map with the mouse will now follow the cursor accurately and precisely.
  • The map will update its texture size to fit a newly resized window.
  • Fixed Merm King bonus to loyalty time not being applied.
  • Fixed bird cages having invisible birds in various situations.
  • Fixed profile flair and profile backgrounds turning themselves off when navigating between the two menus.
  • Fixed Winona taking food penalties when trading items.
  • Fixed Birchnut trees dropping Birchnuts on the wrong side.
  • Fixed highlights not showing on clients for the Houndious Shootius, Deck Illuminator, and Lightning Conductor.

Don’t Starve Together The Curse of Moon Quay Update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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