Don't Starve Together Hotfix 520864: General Changes and Bug Fixes

Don't Starve Together
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Disappointed when you went to the Spider Den in Don’t Starve Together and were unable to encounter the Spider Queen because it was bugged? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as developers have rolled out a hotfix to resolve it and many others.

Mad Scientist Outfit

In this update, the developers made a small change to Wilson’s Mad Scientist outfit. They added shoes to the outfit and if you want to get it, all you have to do is purchase any chest containing Mad Science Wilson. Then, you should see the shoes appear within a few days.

Don't Starve Together Hotfix 520864

  • Minimap icons for Spiky Bushes have been added.
  • Stalagmite height variants have been added to cavern's worldgen rooms.
  • Further decreased loading times when joining a world.
Bug Fixes
  • Prototyping effects will now be triggered properly even if you have, but don’t need to use, The Everything Encyclopedia buff.
  • Birds of the World and The End is Nigh! will now fail properly when unable to cast.
  • Fixed a case where boats could get stuck in an indestructible state.
  • Fixed the Stagehand breaking boat physics if it manages to get onto a boat.
  • Added a safeguard check to boats to try to stop them from moving across land.
  • Fixed a bug where Splumonkey Pods would not spread fire to nearby objects.
  • Fixed all spiders and Naked Mole Bats ignoring earthquakes.
  • Fixed players saying that their pockets are full when items get stacked into the cursor slot after the initial item is put there.
  • Fixed Moonblind Crow and Misshapen Bird to now be slowed down by ground creep and trigger Spider spawns.
  • Fixed Toadstool not creating Sporecaps properly when there were Soil piles and other things blocking spawn points.
  • Fixed a bug that caused servers with lots of world settings to not have the world settings show up in the server browser.
  • Haunting items in the ocean will now update the floating fx.
  • Fixed floating animation for several objects.
  • Fixed bug where an equipped Gnarwail Horn can sometimes become invisible.
  • Fixed animation bugs with Grass Gator
  • Fixed a crash when reloading a player who spawned Grumble Bees with the Apicultural Notes.
  • Fixed a crash with Wolfgang during loading and initialization.
  • Fixed a crash with Winter’s Feast trees going to the burnt stage when they were growing.

You can read more about the update here.

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