DNF Duel Season Pass Brings Spectre to the Roster

Spectre arrives with her signature swords Obsidian and White Fang.
Spectre arrives with her signature swords Obsidian and White Fang. Arc System Works

The new season pass for DNF Duel is set for release this summer to introduce five new characters, with the first one being none other than Spectre. This makes her the 17th playable character of the roster.

Spectre joins the game with her signature swords Obsidian and White Fang along with an onslaught of quick strikes and high-level combat mobility. Of course, her obsession for revenge against the De Los Empire is here too.

New Content

In addition to a DLC character, there’s also the new Awakening system with magical Clear and Gold Cubes which power Awakening Effects to enhance skills. Players can also look forward to a new battle system.

The season pass for DNF Duel is going to be available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A game version for Nintendo Switch is arriving on April 20 as well.

Get Ready to Fight

DNF Duel was released in June 2022 with the following key features:

  • Modes and Features
    • Online Mode
    • Ranked Match
    • Player Match
    • Ranking
  • Local Mode
    • Free Battle
    • Story Mode
    • Arcade Mode
    • Survival Mode
  • Practice Mode
    • Training Mode
    • Tutorial
  • Collection
    • Player Profile
    • Replay Library
    • Gallery
    • Glossary
  • Supported Languages
    • System
      • English
      • Korean
      • Japanese
      • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Voiceover
      • Korean
      • Japanese
      • Chinese
  • Up-Close and Personal
    • Offers a flawless reinterpretation of the iconic classes from the classic Dungeon and Fighter RPG.
    • 16 unique characters:
      • Berserker
      • Striker
      • Grappler
      • Inquisitor
      • Dragon Knight
      • Ranger
      • Hitman
      • Kunoichi
      • Enchantress
      • Vanguard
      • Swift Master
      • Ghostblade
      • Troubleshooter
      • Crusader
      • Launcher
      • an unlockable Hidden Character
  • Discover the Dungeon and Fighter Universe
    • The game integrates 17 years of lore into storytelling and character development.
      • It's supported by stunning graphic details that combine seamlessly with the stage designs of Arad.
    • Enjoy duels in eight diverse stages:
      • Sky Tower
      • Oceanic Express
      • Moonlight Tavern
      • Hendon Myre
      • Ghent City of God
      • Saint Horn
      • Zelva
      • Ruins
  • Unique Combat Mechanics
    • The game takes the fighting game genre to a whole new level through its unique combat system and tactics.
    • Each character has their signature moves and strengths.
  • Extensive Additional Content
    • Story Mode allows players to go through the origin story of each character.
    • Customize player profile and unlock exclusive wallpapers and sounds in the Gallery.

Excited about the new season pass?

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