'The Division' Survey Teases New 'Hunger Games' Mode, More Areas & Content After 1.6 Update

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The Division players have been given a survey that might tease details about the game’s future. There’s evidence of additional Survival game modes, new areas and sequel plans after the 1.6 update.

The survey, available here, generally focuses on player preference questions, but there are a few worth noting. In its Survival Mode section, the questionnaire asks “How interested would you be in a ‘Last Man Standing’ mode for Survival? (i.e. Battle Royale, Hunger Games... Only one player can win and remain alive at the end of the game).”

Later questions also ask “Where should Tom Clancy's The Division bring you in the future.” Options include a new city, a continued story in New York, a new city at the same point in the timeline or a new city with a totally separate narrative. Related to that is the crucial inquiry of “How likely are you to buy a follow-up of Tom Clancy’s The Division.” Respondents can pick their degree of excitement from a scale of options.  

As an official survey intended to be analyzed by Ubisoft, these hypothetical concepts could be the backbone for where The Division is headed with the 1.6 update and beyond. Survival Mode, for example, played a big role in bringing lapsed players back to the game. It makes sense that the developer might look into expanding that section of the experience a bit further.

With regard to the sequel-related questions, we’d guess that Massive may be testing the waters for a second game. After all, offering options for entirely new cities with a fresh narrative is a lot bigger in scope than a second year of DLC. It’s possible, however, that if enough users say they like the existing universe, maybe a new season pass is enough. These questions seem to be a reflection of Ubisoft feeling out which prototype should get the most attention. Should we put all hands on deck for a sequel or work with what we have?

Before those plans can be decided, however, the 1.6 update is the game’s next big milestone. Datamined leaks tell us that PvP changes, new missions and a Central Park location could be made available for season pass owners. Also called Last Stand, the expansion is planned to release early this year.

The Division is available now on Xbox One, PC and PS4.What would you like to see from The Division after the 1.6 update? Does a new Survival Mode sound good to you? Tell us in the comments section!

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