'The Division' Datamine May Leak Update 1.6 Tweaks: Microtransactions, New Missions & More?

The Division's 1.2 update, which includes the new incursion mission Clear Sky, is now available to play Ubisoft

The Division updates are being datamined like crazy for any possible clues they may offer about the game’s upcoming 1.6 patch. While everything’s still widely unconfirmed, here’s the watercooler discussion regarding some of 2017’s referenced changes.

Microtransactions: This one is likely a bit of a leap considering Ubisoft has yet to comment on anything like this, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Strings related to a 100 Phoenix Credit pack were found that are specified for use in The Division. Phoenix Credits are, of course, the primary way to buy endgame items.

This pack of 100 doesn’t seem all that different from the 30-credit packs on uPlay, but it sounds like it could be an expansion of a gameplay wrinkle that many of the game’s devotees don’t particularly appreciate. [Source]

New Missions: Just like any worthwhile update should, it appears 1.6 may feature some new missions in new locations too. Here are the missions we’ve seen referenced so far.

- Clinic: There’s a new locale called Camp Clinton in De Witt Clinton Park, and it’s your job to secure it. This involves investigating, removing threats and fighting a boss.

- Intrepid: This takes players to the Intrepid Naval Museum by the West Side Piers. You must break through the enemy front, get to the flight deck and download your enemy’s data. Amongst all the action, there are mentions of entering a structure by rappel before fighting a boss.- Park Avenue Helicopter Crash: The mission starts with investigating an LMB site that shot down a helicopter with sensitive data. The sequence begins in a high-class cafe You must get into the site, initiate self-destruct and redownload the data while defeating a person of interest. [Source]

New Locations And Characters: Leaked dialogue from the most recent update also points to possible new NPCs and locations too. Some of them are pretty iconic.

- Central Park: Dialogue mentions unlocking the gates leading to the park and asking the player to run some recon inside them. It’s become a dumping zone for dead bodies.

- Kekich is a new ally that will introduce some sort of SHD tactical terminals in the Dark Zone. These supposedly carry sensitive data. We don’t know precisely how they’ll be used [Source]

Dark Zone Events: Special events focused on the Cleaners will seemingly bring Dark Zone contamination to epic levels. Cleaners will be given chlorine gas to do their bidding.

Private Military Company Vanity Set: There’s an unused Vanity set called Private Military Company. It’s split off into several variations like Mercenary, Contractor, Freelancer and Operator. The designs are best viewed in the renders below.

Private Military Company Vanity Set by unkn0wn

As authentic as some of these sources may seem, it’s important to note that not all datamined content makes it into a final game. Lots of tweaks end up being scrapped, so it’s possible that some or all of the things mentioned above may not come to fruition.

The game’s final paid content pack, Last Stand, intends to add an assortment of new content while tightening up the remaining PvP and Survival shortcomings. It’s scheduled to release early this year. The Division is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.What do you think of these datamined leaks? Will update 1.6 finally make The Division the game that players hoped it would be? Tell us in the comments section!    

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