‘The Division’ Getting Mind-Blowing Free DLC Updates For Year 2, ETF Tester Says

The Division's 1.5 patch notes are here Ubisoft

The Division just got its 1.6.1 update earlier this week, and players aren’t too happy. Instead of the free Year 2 DLC they were promised, fans received a patch full of bugs and weapon issues. Will Ubisoft truly deliver on the promises it made in March? Testers can’t reveal specifics, but they’ve responded with a resounding yes.

The report comes from BinaryNumb of YouTube and The Division subreddit. The content provider is a verified member of Elite Task Force Charlie, Ubisoft’s exclusive group of beta testers first made known in April. After spending four long days with developers and new content, Binary was very impressed.

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The source couldn’t talk details, of course, but he did say “Year 2 is going to be full of some incredible content that won't only give you things to do but change the way you will play the game. It will drive you as a[n] individual or as a group to try new things [and] learn new gameplay mechanics. [It will] test or challenge yourself in ways you may not have previously considered.” The new additions to the game were also described as “a home run.” “The amount of content you’re getting for free is mind blowing,” he added, suggesting that a little patience will make the wait a lot easier.

Those teases are all well and good, but they differ sharply from the vitriol being spread throughout The Division community as of late. Following this week’s release of the official 1.6.1 update, the game’s passionate players are less than impressed with the fixes. While the intent was to add a new feature and polish some mechanics, the end results left more bugs and glitches than anticipated. Not only has weapon and ammo balance been disrupted, but players are struggling with connection issues and exploits too.

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All the while, Ubisoft has remained fairly quiet. An official statement from Friday suggested that the team has had “limited communication resources available” over the past few days but is still taking stock of all reported issues. No dates or specifics were offered as to how or when the problems would be fixed.

The Division 1.6 was a fairly large update to the existing suite, but, after months of deafening silence, loyal customers are growing frustrated. Back In April, Ubisoft announced The Division Year 2 would be entirely free and would include two expansions due for release by the end of 2017. At the time of reveal details were light, and nothing’s been said on the matter since. Especially given that Ubisoft Massive has since been contracted to make a triple-A game based on Avatar, concern is growing amongst Division followers that resources for the DLC are dwindling.

The Division is available now on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

What do you hope to get from The Division Year 2? Will Ubisoft drop the ball on its future free DLC? Tell us in the comments section!

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