‘The Division’ Update 1.6 Last Stand DLC Release Date Nears As PTS4 Patch Notes Roll Out

'The Division' Last Stand PTS
'The Division' Last Stand PTS testing has nearly finished, as the final DLC gets prepared for release. It's possible we could see the 1.6 update on all platforms as soon as next week. 'The Division' is available now on Xbox One, PC and PS4. Ubisoft

The Division 1.6 update is almost here, as the fourth and final PTS period has just begun. Patch notes from Ubisoft reveal the final adjustments we can expect to see in the polished Last Stand release.


  • Normalization: Normalization for Last Stand mode will roll the max Gear Score stat for your gear bonuses, mods, stas, weapon damage and weapon attributes. This allows players to build their Last Stand player around style rather than stat.
  • Fortification: Damage of turret fortifications increased by 40 percent and health decreased by 25 percent. Makes turrets more lethal except in cases of solo play.
  • Join On The Fly: You can join a Last Stand match in progress.
  • Mercy Rule : Activates at 10 minutes left in big defeats.
  • Personal Score: Thresholds increased - 3,000 for one cache, 6,000 for two caches and 15,000 for three caches. Every winner gets at least one regardless of score.


  • Combat: PvP damage lowered from 0.46 to 0.42. Time-to-kill was too low.
  • Weapons: Historian base damage will stay normal. SMG Critical Hit chance also reverted to previous state.

Those are the main changes in the latest PTS update, with many more bug adjustments listed at the source link. Possibly the most critical detail worth knowing is that PTS 4 will be “the final version of this testing cycle.” If time between PTS releases is any indication, that would suggest the final 1.6 update could be on standard servers as soon as next week. The longest gap between 1.6 PTS dates was just one week between PTS 2 and PTS 3.

For those who missed January’s changelog, The Division 1.6 update offers the Last Stand game mode and the Lost Signal incursion for season pass holders. In Last Stand, you must fight to control three tactical locations in specific areas of the Dark Zone.

For free content, there’s a massive Dark Zone expansion in the northern area of the map that adds over a dozen different landmarks with varying combat necessities. There’s also Dark Zone leaderboards, a Legendary AI difficulty and customization options to mess about with. Major balance adjustments are obviously in the works too.

The Division is available now on Xbox One, PC and PS4. The 1.6 update and Last Stand DLC will release simultaneously across all platforms.

Are the additions in the 1.6 update enough to keep you interested in The Division? Will you try out Last Stand? Tell us in the comments section!

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