‘The Division’ 1.6 PTS Reveals Last Stand Dark Zone DLC: New Landmarks & Zone Size Detailed

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The Division update 1.6 has come to public test servers, so we’ve been able to confirm some new details about the added North Dark Zone areas. Below, we’ve compiled a list of landmarks with brief descriptions of what’s to come. Get ready for the next generation of PvP. 


From what our time on the PTS tells us, the 1.6 Last Stand update will add at least 40 new city blocks, 16 landmarks, two extraction zones, two safe houses and seven checkpoints to the current map. As if that wasn’t big enough, connecting rooftops and tunnels will make that surface even more expansive. 


Because there are 16 total landmarks clustered in the northern area, they’re all very close to one another. After all, in today’s combined map there are 13 total landmarks. So, you’ll basically be coming across all of these the second you head up north.

DZ-07 : These are your more public-facing Landmarks.

  • The Opera: It’s right in the center of DZ-07, and looks as awesome as it sounds. You’re indoors inside an amphitheater, which is great for cover combat and tons of unique scenarios you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The Alley: Climb up some stairs to reach an open courtyard area surrounded by barricades. It has a real arena feel to it.
  • The Nest: Snowy rooftop with plenty of room for battle. Vents towards its entrance make for great cover.
  • The Mall: The Mall is a few blocks from the Opera, but it has a very similar feel. It’s a bit more open, though which makes it suited for larger PvP encounters. Use pillars and store windows to your advantage.
  • The Furnace: The Furnace takes you to the seedy underbelly of the New York subway. It’s cramped and dark.
  • The Palace: A government landmark building and all the indoor firefights you’d expect.
  • The Plaza: An open, outdoors area with lots of small flights of stairs and fountains. Barriers section off open areas to encourage surprise attacks.

DZ-08: Most of the areas here are focused on underground sections.

  • The Depot: The depot is an open warehouse with tons of boxes and shelves to hide behind.  
  • The South Tunnel: It’s also roomy, but it also has a much greater sense of verticality. You can climb up to high vantage points to snipe or get the drop on your enemies.
  • The Boiler: It’s similar to the South Tunnel except a bit smokier. A large staircase towards its entrance allows players to attack from above if you can break through the agents that are likely already waiting there.
  • The Basement: The Basement is much lower to the ground but still pretty large. Your main navigation will take place around large pillars and crates.

DZ-09: These are all large areas. Head here if you want a big battle.

  • The Greenhouse: A giant rooftop area with a greenhouse you can enter.
  • The Radio Tower: Also a high-up landmark, but there seems to be a lot more walls and fences to guard players from a barrage of bullets.
  • The North Tunnel: Once you make it through the cloistered tunnel, the whole thing opens up to a massive community area stockpiled with boxes, crates and bright lights.
  • The Armory: The Armory is large in scope and complex by design. There’s not a ton of verticality, but there’s lots of junk to hide behind. It’ll be hard to take down big groups here.
  • The Deck: It’s a very open roof-like area that has downward stairs to bring you to a second level. There aren’t many natural barriers to hide behind, which should be great for snipers.

New Extraction Points

  • Two new points: One on a bridge and one in a courtyard area.

To learn more about The Division update 1.6, check out the full patch notes here. No release date has been set, but it will arrive simultaneously across Xbox One, PC and PS4.What do you think of The Division 1.6 based on these landmarks? Will the new content make the game better? Tell us in the comments section!

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