The Division 2: What To Expect With The New Expansion

There's more to learn about the upcoming expansion.
There's more to learn about the upcoming expansion. Ubisoft

The Division 2 is set to release its Warlords of New York expansion less than two weeks from now. Leaving Washington D.C., the expansion takes the fight to Lower Manhattan. One of the things players can expect are new and returning factions. You can read more about those here.

However, it’s not just about the new factions, exciting as they may be, as there is new content arriving as well. Today we look into what other features players can expect from the Warlords of New York expansion.

Hunter Uniform

There are two new Hunter outfits being made available to all Agents. The first is the Stinger Hunter outfit, which is part of the Friend Referral program and already live. To get this outfit, players need to invite other Agents to play The Division 2 and complete three missions together.

The second is the black Covert Hunter. This outfit is going to become available once the expansion is live. The good news is that any player can use this one, whether they have the expansion or not. It’s going to be available from Standard Apparel Caches. Players can also buy this outfit using Premium Credits.


Once you finish the story of the new expansion and reach level 40, Seasons are going to offer more in terms of progression opportunities and even playstyles. Starting a week after Warlords of New York is launched, and lasting for three months, the first Season is going to focus on Manhunt with players going against a new target each time.

Manhunt isn’t going to be limited to New York, as it can also include locations in D.C. Players who managed to finish Manhunt get a new unique skill mod. However, it’s not going to be a static story mission, as there are narrative elements included with Manhunt’s story.

There are also going to be a wide range of activities that will give players different and rewarding gameplay opportunities. For example, Global Events is going to have Agents face new types of challenges. Overall, players should be able to gain 100 levels over the 12 weeks of a Season. According to The Division 2 team, the average player should need between 30 minutes to one hour in order to gain one level.

There you have it, new factions, new outfits, and a new season. Keep watch as we give you more updates before Warlords of New York is released.

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