The Division 2 State Of The Game Recap 1/22 - Expect Changes to Recalibration, Skill Power

More changes coming.
More changes coming. Ubisoft

The State of the Game this week for The Division 2 is all about the Recalibration stat and the Skill Tier. According to Lead 3C Designer Fredrik Thylander and Game Designer Bruce Kelly, there's going to be changes coming to this feature after Episode 3 launches.

Before we go into those two features, The Division 2 developers announced that they performed some maintenance yesterday. In particular, a bug in the Dark Zones that let players shoot from behind walls has been fixed. Now with that out of the way, let's dive into what's happening this week.

Recalibration Stat Storing

Currently, when it comes to recalibration, players need to keep a stash of gear pieces in order to be able to recalibrate other gear in the future. With this upcoming overhaul, the process is not only going to be more fun, but also more intuitive. Even with those changes, players can still customize items. So when players find gear that has a high roll, they can extract it and then save it in a Recalibration Library to be applied to other gear at a later date. For the new gear system, players are going to be able to recalibrate Talents, stats, core stats, and mod slots.

Other changes for this feature include:

  • The new direction with brand-set bonuses, in addition to the attribute rolls, is that the brand sets match a profile that is either offensive, defensive, utility, or skill-based, with a few hybrid exceptions.
  • The Recalibration Library is going to display stored Talents and attributes by weapon or gear type, letting players quickly find improvements for specific items.
  • The library also lets players know when gear in their inventory has a better attribute than what they’ve stored.
    • This gives players a chance to extract the new attribute, though it destroys the original gear in the process.
    • This can be applied repeatedly to any future gear of the same type.
  • The developers are still deciding whether to limit the Recalibration Library to a per-character basis, or to make it account-wide.
  • Finding all the “god rolls” to max out each gear item now adds a new collection metagame aspect to recalibration.

Skill Power

The changes coming to The Division 2 are going to result in the Skill Tier replacing Skill Power. In addition, the Skills scale directly with it. The Skill Tier is also going to be available only as a core attribute on gear that improves Skills directly.

Overall there's going to be six Skill Tiers, with each item having the Skill Tier core attribute adding one tier to a player's Agent. What this means is that when a player wears six pieces of gear with Skill Tier, they attain the max Skill Tier.

It's also worth noting that each Skill Tier boosts Skill stats and abilities, and each Skill has a different setup for how it scales with higher Skill Tiers. Deployed Skills, meanwhile, are going to display their Tiers, giving players a clearer understanding of what they can do. Skills mods, on the other hand, are still available and work similarly to weapon mods, adding percentage modifiers to Skills.

Players that use certain Exotic or gear-set Talents can temporarily enter an Overcharge state. This state increases the Skill stats to super-powerful levels.

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