The Division 2 Celebrates Resident Evil’s Anniversary with Themed Cosmetic Items

Enjoy this upcoming crossover.
Enjoy this upcoming crossover. Ubisoft

The Resident Evil franchise may be a big thing nowadays but that wasn’t the case when it was first released back in 1996. And so this year, it’s celebrating its 25th anniversary. Yet this isn’t about that franchise or one RE title.

Instead, this is about The Division 2 and its celebration to honor the iconic franchise. Starting February 2, players get to unlock special Resident Evil caches that offer themed cosmetic items, which include outfits, weapon skins, and individual vanity items. Players can even get extra gameplay rewards like backpack trophies.

As part of the celebration, players who log in during the event period get the Leon Kennedy RPD three-piece outfit. The event ends on February 15.

Some RE History

When Resident Evil was first released, it received critical acclaim with many reviewers citing its gameplay. Many actually credit this game to have defined the survival horror genre. Since then, many games have been added to the franchise with the latest one being Resident Evil Village set to be released this May. Learn more about this upcoming game here.

The franchise has been so successful that it has spawned animated movies and even live-action films. A new animated series is scheduled this year on Netflix, which you can read more about here.

Reanimated Global Event

On the same day of the special event launching, The Division 2 is also going to have the Reanimated Global Event. In this event, a new technology appears to be letting enemies be reanimated after being killed. Known as the Automated External Defibrillator vests, it shocks enemies back to life and gives them a second chance to wreak havoc.

The only way to stop the reanimation is to go for a headshot kill. However, it won’t be that easy since the brain matter can spread in the air and infect those nearby. The good news is that the vests only have enough power for a single revive.

Learn more about this new global event here.

The Division 2 was released in March 2019 and available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game has received mainly favorable reviews with critics noting its improvement over The Division.

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