The Division 2 Outguard Event Starts Today

A new event is here.
A new event is here. Ubisoft

The latest Apparel Event for The Division 2 starts today. For those that played The Division, this is pretty much like a Global Event. Titled as “Outguard,” it begins today, December 22, and runs all the way through January 11 of next year.

The event is accessible to all players who have Warlords of New York and finished the New York campaign. Also, both progress and rewards are immediately activated at the beginning of the event.

Outguard Event is offering Keys that can be used for Event Caches. Keys can be earned by getting SHD levels in the game, with one key awarded for every four levels. Keys can also be purchased using Premium Credits. Plus, players who have the Season 4 Pass get three extra keys.

Outguard Timeline

Here’s how the event is going to play out. It will be live from December 22 to January 11. As mentioned, players can earn event keys during the event period or buy them from various sources.

Then, there’s a period when players can use any keys they still have. It’s from January 12 to January 18. Besides using unspent keys, players can get the Ballistic Helmet during this period.

Finally, there’s the Post Event that begins January 19. From this date, the event is no longer active and caches are also no longer available. The good news is event items will be available for direct purchase at the in-game store.

Event Rewards

We’ve already covered that one of the rewards is the Ballistic Helmet. This is the final reward that players can get once they’ve collected all the Outguard items. The event will reward four full cosmetic outfits: Coyote, Grizzly, Hawk, and Mongoose. By the way, there are also two emotes and a mask available from the event.


Finally, we go to gifting. Players have the chance to send Apparel Event keys to their friends or fellow clan members. To gift keys, simply head to the Apparel Cache menu and choose Gift. Recipients of gifts will get a pop-up notification from the menu.

It’s important to remember that keys can only be sent as a gift while the event is active. Also, players can only gift the maximum number of keys that are needed to finish the event.

What are you waiting for then? Time to join the event.

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