The Division 2 Phoenix Down Apparel Event Lets Agents Play Dress Up

Dressed to kill.
Dressed to kill. Ubisoft

If you’re looking for a way to look great while beating down your enemies, then worry no more. The Division 2 has launched the Phoenix Down Apparel Event. It started on July 14 and lasts until August 3. During the event players can obtain 38 new apparel items for their collection while also being able to earn apparel cache keys.

During this event, keys for apparel caches can be earned in two ways. The first is through SHD levelling with players getting one key for each four SHD levels earned. Players can also directly purchase the keys using Premium Credits. What makes this event interesting is that event caches are never going to contain duplicates. In addition, items that have yet to be collected can be viewed in the in-game apparel section.

So why go through all the trouble? For starters, there are a lot of interesting rewards. There are four full cosmetic outfits that can be collected which are the ones for Anne, Garzia, Hoopster, and Sutton. There are also other apparel items along with ten items of clothing and five weapon skins. Other rewards include two emotes and one mask.

Players that manage to collect all of the Phoenix Down items available during the event get the unique Badlands Mask as a reward. Making this item even more exclusive is that it’s not going to be obtainable after the event ends.

There’s also going to be a gifting feature. Players can buy apparel event keys using Premium Credits and then gift them directly to friends or clan members. In order to gift keys, simply go to the apparel cache menu and select “gift”. Once gift keys have been received, players get a pop-up notification in the apparel cache menu. Two things to keep in mind. First is that event keys can only be gifted as long as the event remains active. Second is that players can only gift the maximum number of keys needed to complete the event.

Here are the final things you need to remember about this new event. As already mentioned, it’s going to end on August 3. From August 4 to August 11, players can still use any leftover keys they have during this period. This also means that there’s still time to get the Badlands Mask. Just in case we forgot to mention, it’s still possible to buy additional keys during this period.

After the period mentioned above comes to an end, the Phoenix Down apparel cache will no longer be live, but the event items can still be purchased from the in-game store.

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