The Division 2 Releasing Title Update 10.1 On July 21

See what changes are coming.
Bug fixes and improvements coming this month.
Bug fixes and improvements coming this month. Ubisoft

The Division 2 announced that Title Update 10.1 is officially going to be released on July 21. Since this is an in-between patch between TU10 and TU11, it’s not going to offer new content, but is going to focus mainly on bug fixes and balances.

One of these fixes is on Loot Changes. For example, before TU10, bad rolls meant that high quality loot had a low chance to drop. When TU10 was released, the drop chances were adjusted so that it resulted in fewer rolls at the minimum quality. While this still meant a lower chance to get maxed out rolls, it offered better odds to get medium quality gear. With the upcoming update, the minimum-rolls were increased so that the overall loot quality is better.

Here are the other changes that players can expect once TU10.1 is released:

  • Revive Hive
    • Number of charges at level 0 lowered from 4 to 1.
    • Recharge time is reduced from 240s to 180s.
      • This means players now need to wait only for 3 minutes, instead of 16 minutes, to change the Skill.
    • Players can still revive themselves or one teammate.
    • However they can't revive the whole squad with a level 0 Revive Hive.
    • Players get 1 additional charge per Skill Tier.
  • Foundry Bulwark Gear Set
    • This remains to be a powerful set and players continue to be happy with it.
    • The 3 Piece Bonus (+3% Armor Regeneration) is seen to be a bit too generous in keeping players alive.
    • The Foundry Bulwark focuses on using a shield and this is why the 3-piece-bonus is reduced to +1% Armor Regeneration.
      • However shield health is increased by 50% by the 3-piece-bonus.
      • What this means is that whuat players lose in self-preservation without a shield, they gain when they use a shield.
    • In addition, when players have 3 pieces of Foundry Bulwark equipped, they basically gain a Skill Tier for their shield with the 50% shield health bonus.
  • Forge named holster
    • TU10.1 is set to increase Shield Health by 50%.
    • This basically functions like another Skill Tier for the Shield.
    • This can also be combined with Motherly Love.
  • Booster Hive Changes
    • On live Booster Hive increases Weapon Damage, Weapon Handling, and Melee Damage by 10 – 16% depending on Skill Tier.
    • With TU10.1 the Booster Hive now keeps Weapon Handling and Melee Damage but it will lose the Weapon Damage component – it will gain Hazard Protection.
    • Every time the Booster Hive buffs players, they gain – at Skill Tier 0 – 20% Hazard Protection, 20% Weapon Handling and 20% Melee Damage.
    • At Skill Tier 6 players gain 60% Hazard Protection, Weapon Handling, and Melee Damage.
    • This does not give players immunity and it does not cleanse but it should give the Booster Hive a place on the battlefield.
    • With mods, players get 90% Hazard Protection.
    • This applies to PvP and PvE.
  • Hive Skill Platform
    • Increased drone flight speed for all Skill Variants.
    • Increases more per Skill Tier.
    • All Hive Variants are now going to be more responsive.
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