'The Division' 1.6 Update May Release On PTS Soon, According To Steam

The Division
An annoying bug has resurfaced in Tom Clancy's The Division. Find out what Ubisoft had to say about the matter and what the folks at Massive have planned for the future of The Division. Photo: Ubisoft

The Division ’s 1.6 update may release on public test servers soon, according to recently documented changes on the PTS’s SteamDB page. The game’s developers at Ubisoft Massive have been especially active uploading changes over the past few hours.

As noted by reddit user seb851s, the “ptr-prod” branch just received an update on Tuesday. Prior to that change, the PTS hadn’t been touched since 1.5 testing began.

In terms of what this update means for the The Division’s 1.6 PTS period, past habits from Ubisoft would suggest that a soft launch of the unfinished patch is near. For example, two days prior to bringing 1.5 to the testing servers, a similar round of silent updates happened. While unconfirmed, this pattern would suggest a similar rollout over the next few hours or days.

In order to access the update once it goes live, you simply need to download the Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS client that appears in your Steam or UPlay library if you own the base game. If it’s already installed, the 1.6 content should be dispersed in an update.

We won’t know for sure what the 1.6 update contains until PTS patch notes go live, but data mining suggests significant changes to PvP balance in the Dark Zone. Last week there were also hints of additional Survival modes as well. For those with a season pass, update 1.6 lays the groundwork for the Last Stand DLC expansion. In that regard, we expect new missions, gear and locations for paying fans.

A formal release of the 1.6 update would presumably happen a couple weeks after the patch makes its PTS debut. In that sense, even those who don’t want to mess with unfinished content shouldn’t have to wait too long to try everything out. That is, unless you own a PS4. The standard Sony consolle delay is expected on that platform.

The Division is available now on Xbox One, PC and PS4. Until 1.6 arrives, you should also check out our detailed 1.5 guide to get the best loot and gear fast.What do you hope to see from The Division’s 1.6 update? Will you be jumping on the PTS? Tell us in the comments section!

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